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Hey Guys,

My father runs a manufacturing business and he needs a software to maintain his quotation, orders and invoice and keep track of them..

I would be nice if we could use it over cloud so that we can access it on mobiles too..

I tried ZoHo Invoice and it is great except for the fact that it is too costly to our needs and I am looking for any alternatives that are free and can be used both offline and online and can be installed on PC.

Any suggestions please.


you could try out

Invoice Expert - FREE Invoice, Inventory and Billing Software

27 Free Invoicing Tools for Businesses on a Budget


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Try SleekBill India, it provides great features in its free version.

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SleekBill looks great and fits the bill for the invoice aspect of business.. But if at all we plan to expand into Warehouse and Manufacturing aspects then it may fall short.. So are there any alternatives to openERP or ERPNext that is as simple and elegant to use as SleekBill ?


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the best solutions are almost always in paid solutions.

comes with better tech support too.


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I don't know exactly about invoices process but recently read about invoice articles. It is cloud based software and also available in mobile devices. That article released by Apptivo. Try to check it out.
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