1. patkim

    Frequently receiving missed call alert like sms from a number

    On my mobile number last 2 days I have received over a dozen SMSs from a particular number. The SMS Reads exactly as 'Hi, I tried calling you. Please call back when you are free' I made a mistake of calling back that number first time when it happened. The person at the other end did not...
  2. S

    Strange lens artifact ?

    I was doing some batch post-processing and I noticed something, really...really strange. As you can see in the image below, there is a circular ring like thing, most probably chromatic error ? I mean, some part of mountain is clearly emphasized and is greener. While this can be some mistake on...
  3. B

    Aajtak funny headline mistake

  4. A

    thinkdigit.com made a mistake

    The Poll On the Thinkdigit.com has asked about Iphone 5c's Fingerprint sensor since when does 5c has a fingerprint sensor i posted a comment they paid no attention .Thinkdigit should correct their mistake. :razz:
  5. H

    GTA V listings appear at webhallen and Amazon.de for PC

    Not an official confirmation yet. Could just be retailers speculating or a simple mistake like with DQX getting an english release. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V (5) - WEBHALLEN.com...
  6. ranjitsd

    agp card

    Forsa GeForce GT610 1 GB DDR3 F-NH-G610102B38L4G-171L AGP Card, Compare and Buy latest AGP Online in India: bitFang.com is it true or printing mistake
  7. ithehappy

    How to remove a file/trojan? Urgent

    Hey guys I've done a silly mistake. An email from some idiot came into my Ymail and it subjected as 'you look so goofy in this picture' and I though someone playing with my photo. I downloaded the attachment came in the email, extracted it and it was an .exe file named as IMG958, and there I did...
  8. mohityadavx

    Zoom in zoom out

    Hi! I don't know even if it is a tutorial or not but i found this trick accidentally. Actually i was using comp and my legs were kept crossed on computer table and by mistake ctrl key kept pressed so when i scrolled with mouse screen resolution changed. It is quite useful and even if u...
  9. M

    Finally purcased my gaming rig

    hey... i got my rig finally.. and the following is the price ... intel i7 950 14k msi n570 gtx @ 20.5k Asus sabertooth @11.7k western digital green 2.8k croshair 4gb @2.5k (this was my greatest mistake ) only single channel psu - antech 750 w @8k have to buy cabinet...
  10. paroh

    Find the mistake on the bsnl site (quess spelling mistake)

    Find the mistake on the bsnl site (quess spelling mistake) *bsnl.co.in/service/new_BB/BB_home_only_unlim.htm Bsnl offering FREE GOD Free GOD of Rs. 199/- p.m. for one Year from date of subscription. Free GOD of Rs. 199/- p.m. and Ent. Portal of Rs. 149/- p.m. for one Year.
  11. TheLetterD

    s/w for divx to itouch

    Hello.... im new @ dis s/w thread....recently i was blocked from the admin. I wud really like to appologise and promise wont repeat a mistake again nyways....my q is that wich is the fastest but still good converter .avi<divx> to a suitable format for my iPod Touch....
  12. H

    Excel Problem

    Can someone help me in recovering an Excel File which has been Saved-over by mistake. Thanks
  13. P

    WD HDD Formatted, Which Data Recovery Vendor ?

    A friend of mine owns 1 TB SATA WD HDD purchased just 2 months back. It was major backup medium with lots of data. (Docs, pdf, photos, movies, songs) By mistake this 1 TB HDD was formatted & new windows XP was installed over it. It was purely a SATA cable connecting mistake. HDD was formatted...
  14. paroh

    Blocking skilled manpower will be a mistake: Bill Gates

    source *news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=3115103 Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaks at a function organized by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) in New Delhi, India, Friday, July 24, 2009. AP /Mustafa Quraishi New Delhi...
  15. Krazzy Warrior

    Using PenDrive as RAM(VISTA only) - My Tutorial

    Using PenDrive as RAM VISTA only - My Tutorial Windows Vista has a new feature called ReadyBoost. This feature enable to make use of ur pendrive as RAM, thus speeding up ur PC performance...!! This is how u can use ReadyBoost: 1. Plug in your PenDrive. 2. Open Computer 3. Right-click...
  16. ╬Switch╬

    Digit Oct issue>>??

    I was just wondering if Digit forgot to prepare the October issue. We can always forgive them for such a small mistake. Anyone knows about it?
  17. E

    [rs.com] my software collection

    admin and mods if i make any mistake please send me a message message sent - goobi
  18. Power_user_EX

    Tell us about ur mobo & procyy

    Ur fav mobo maker & y ? Also Tell us about ur mobo & procyy For the above poll - ignore AMD - i know AMD doesn't manufacture mobos. Its a silly mistake! nyways... I'm having p5q deluxe and q6600 - G0 @ 3.2Ghz.
  19. ramsingh

    TATA INDICOM cheating??

    i am a M425 user of tata indicom inernet plan using usb modem... this was last month but i got a huge bill of rs 1765 instead of normal 600-700.. what should i do? i think its a mistake on tata indicoms part. . nd if i dont pay d amount what will happen?? anyone with such xperience?
  20. Choto Cheeta

    Typing mistake at NDTV.com

    One of the India’s finest news channel has a small typing mistake at its online new portal, NDTV.com, the exact URL is, *www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtvcricket/cricketstory.aspx?id=SPOEN20070035180 where you can read, its said that Saurav Ganguly has scored 269 runs, where as in fact its 239...
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