1. Cyberghost

    Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

    ABOUT THIS GAME Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical stealth game set in Japan around the Edo period. Take control of a team of deadly specialists and sneak in the shadows between dozens of enemies. Choose your approach when infiltrating mighty castles, snowy mountain monasteries or hidden...
  2. Cyberghost

    PICTURES: NASA Releases 8,400 Hi-resolution Images of Apollo Moon Missions

    NASA has released 8400 hi-resolution images of iconic Apollo Moon Missions on Flicker. NASA made available every photo taken by astronauts on Apollo Moon Missions on the project Apollo Archive‘s Flickr account, the collection contains original NASA photo scans. The Apollo astronauts took...
  3. TheLetterD

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 CHOICES! :( Can I redo them?

    I started playing the game 2 days ago and I didnt do the missions well. What I thought was that when I failed the missions, that happened because THATS WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ACCORDING TO THE STORY LINE :-( Little did I know EVERY failed mission was because of me and it affected the story...
  4. warfreak

    Driver: San Fransisco

    I never played any of the previous Driver games(Largely due to the bad reviews) but I found SF a pleasant surprise! :-) The initial missions were noobish and handling sucked but gameplay gets better as game progresses. Anybody else played it yet?
  5. N

    Completed Rage "accidently"

    I completed the last mission of Rage, i.e, the Capital Prime one (I didn't even know it was the last!) and now the game has ended but have tons of mission and side missions left to do! I can't go back...I have two save files, one just before activating the final switch in Cap Prime, and the...
  6. SunnyGamingHD2

    PC Game Buying Help!!!!

    Hello Digit i want to buy PC game i prefer FPS(First Person Shooter) with some stealth missions and multiplayer also. budget Rs.1000
  7. mithun_mrg

    Play Starcraft 2 starter edition for free

    guys here is the link access to first five single player missions & mutiplayer u need to be online though https://us.battle.net/account/sc2/starter-edition/;jsessionid=0E2D1E51ADDA9F5FEABF2A0854CEFF39.blade34_03_bnet-mgmt
  8. gameranand

    Splinter Cell series

    I recently started playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory(again) and damn its a damn good game in terms of stealth. Well I played conviction but didn't liked it much because of its stealth mechanics its more of a action oriented stealth game rather than pure stealth game. I mean I like to complete...
  9. S

    Fighter plane simulation

    Can someone suggest me a fighter jet simulation game with missions n all....something like the tomclancy's hawx
  10. ajaybc

    World' First GTA IV review!!!

    I got the following reviews of GTA IV while googling.They claim to be the World's first GTA IV reviews and they contain the pages of the still to be released pages of the XBOX 360 Magazine. And the rating according to the magazine is: Rating is:10/10 First site: Amazingly realistic world...
  11. B

    Splinter Cell Double Agent Unlock Mission ??

    I need a urgently a save missions or skip missions method. Please someone help, i can't complete the JBL HQ . HELP HELP !!! :shock:
  12. B

    GTA San Andreas Skip Missions

    Anyone can please tell me how to skip the missions in PC GTA SAN Andreas, i can't complete some missions so if anyone know it.
  13. eggman

    GTA-SA:Flying School trouble

    Hi guys I've complete around 35% of the game. Now I'm in the flying school missions , where CJ has to learn flying. Although the game was Avg in terms of difficulty, I'm having a hellot of trouble in the flying missions. After retrying for about 3 hrs, I somehow completed the Airstrip Circle...
  14. M

    All new 2007 game reviews (splinter cell , commandos csf) read before buying.

    All new 2006-2007 game reviews (just cause , cricket 07) read before buying. I Am Staring This Thread Just For The Reviews Of The Newest Games Of 2006-2007. For The Start Kick Ill Post The Reviews Of Three Games 1. Splinter Cell Double Agent 2. Commandos Strike Force 3. Formula 1 2006...
  15. nishant_nms

    War games

    Please suggest me war games where I have to be a part of a troop and have to complete missions. Thanx in advance.
  16. quan chi

    gta vice city problem need your help.please.

    guys i am having a problem with gta vice city.you see i have completed the level cabmggedon(where you get an zebra kauffman cab) without any cheats and saved the game.but now when ever i try to load that mission from the saved games it doesnt load and i get an error report saying gta vice city...
  17. executioner


    hi, is hitman a non-linear game like gta or is it like igi where u will be given missions only and can't roam around.what about the new hitman 4?
  18. maverickrohan

    Dark Star One

    For all those who loved Microsoft FREELANCER ... Another game in the same Genre which promises to improve on the negatives of most of the games in that genre including Freelancer ... Release Date: 14th August, 2006 Minimum System Requirements: Intel/AMD 1.6 GHz Windows XP (32Bit)...
  19. H

    wolfenstien(RTCW)shall i continue or not ?

    well I am playing the FPS game return to castle wolfenstien .I killed the big black monster , but the game havent ended . why it havent eended and what these new missions r ? it is good for play after this level ? should i continue ?
  20. J

    Stuck in GTA San Andreas

    I am stuck on the flight school missions in GTA San Andreas :( I tried them a lot but find these missions very tough. I managed to pass 2 out of 10 flight school missions. Could anyone help me pass just the flight school missions? You can find my GTA San Andreas User Files at...
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