1. yrana2002

    enabling cheats in cz:zero

    kindly tell me how to enable cheats as i'm having problem finsihing off some expert missions
  2. A

    gta san andreas stuck...

    Hey ppl ... i am stuck in two missions in San Andreas.. one is the Cesar Vialpando Lowrider Racing mission and the other is the Stadium racing mission.. someone tell me how to clear these missions.... i have played it many times.but does not work. in earlier gtas i would get out of the car and...
  3. R

    commandoes 3:destination berlin

    hey guys, has anyone played this game and has completed a mission??? :?: the graphics are too good but the missions are very difficult. for example, I have killed the sniper but am unable to protect general O' Donell. the other two missions are equally difficult. can anyone give me some...
  4. A

    The Ultimate Harry Potter Gamer..

    Anyone knows how to complete third Harrry Potter Game. I have coolected all things and completed all missions.
  5. T

    viceeee citttttyyyy

    Hey goons, Can anybody give me some tips for completing the paramedic missions in Vice city? No cheats please !! :D
  6. P

    Doubts GTA VC

    I have finished the Luv Fist missions, printing press and the mansion missions. I am stuck in the Speed Boat challeng. How do I finish that mission? Also tell what required to access 'cap the collector' mission. I have a time stopping trainer but while extracting the files from a .rar file, I...
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