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  1. lywyre

    [Help Request] Screen mirror/ cast with Sony Bravia 40CX520

    I am trying to cast/ mirror from my mobile to 40cx520 Sony Bravia tv. This TV did not have inbuilt WiFi, I am using Sony WiFi dongle for the same. I have paired my mobile with the TV. I tried some YouTube videos. But I cannot find the screen mirroring option in the input options of the TV...
  2. bubusam13

    What is this dance move called ?

    Hi guyz, what is this dance move called where the performer slides his hand as if there is a wall or a mirror before him? You getting me right ?
  3. Ethan_Hunt

    The Official 'Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light' Thread! [PSN] [XBL] [PC]

    Description: Features: Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Crystal Dynamics Genre: Action Adventure Release Date: 18th August 2010 [XBL] 28th September 2010 [PSN & PC] ESRB: T System Requirements
  4. phuchungbhutia

    video problem : mirror image

    my videos are coming as mirror images what may be the problem ... i tested those videos in gom player, windows media player. and classic . they show subtitles all in right to lef manner ie mirror images ... any way to correct this ....
  5. spironox

    @ ADMIN ::: Accidental mirror post please delete

    accidental post admin please delete
  6. NucleusKore

    Windows and Linux

    This is a piece I penned some time back for an msn group called the Computing Cafe. It gives you an insight of what was running through my mind as I was making THE TRANSITION. Mirror 1 Mirror 2
  7. Pragadheesh

    The mirror that gives a true reflection

    Andrew Hicks has designed the first mirror which gives a true reflection – and not a mirror image. His creation has several tiny curves and bends in different directions which flip a mirror image back the right way. Text can be viewed from left to right and, if you raise a hand while...
  8. Ecstasy

    New threat from Muthalik "Ram sena"... bahhh

    Hello guys, This dude is on the front page yet again for the wrong reasons. This time he is threating our "amchi mumbai ki ladkiyon ko". This guy has the audacity to threaten other states girls as well now. Check it out ---> Source -Mumbai Mirror - Mumbai girls Ram Sene's new target, News -...
  9. NucleusKore

    Safety First

    Hi all I would like to share with you an article I recently wrote for my college magazine on protecting yourself on the internet. Mirror 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?jjfqywyzydj Mirror 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/154591984/safety_first_pub.pdf md5sum c072234f025a9a52cac19eba2705f145
  10. C

    FC 9 Extremely Slow System Update.

    Decided to experiment with FC 9 this weekend and installed it on a spare pc. Everything works fine apart from the slow system update. I had left the PC on for the whole of today morning (2am to 8am) to download the updates during the BSNL free time and i find that it hasn't updated. Did some...
  11. the.kaushik

    Help me downloading the software!

    I am trying for the last two days to download the following software but am not able to do.. it doesn't support DAP and Firefox it just crawls.. I need the software and there is no mirror link or uploaded any where else.. Can anyone upload it for me to any other server.. its nearly 50MB or a...
  12. PikachuTrAiNeR

    [Release] Customized client for unofficial IRC chatroom.

    Here's a script bundled with a configured mIRC client, allowing you to directly get on the digit channel (chatroom) on the Freenode IRC network, without any configuration involved. It's also got some one-click commands and tools from within a 'special' menu and some other from the same with...
  13. koolbluez

    An Interactive 360º Light Field Hologram

    Researchers at USC have taken another step towards that holiest of sci-fi dreams: the 3D holographic display. Using a spinning mirror covered with a "holographic diffuser," a special DVI implementation, and a high-speed projector, the team's device can project a three-dimensional image that can...
  14. A

    Spybot-Search and Destroy version 1.5

    one of the best anti-spyware programs around.... http://spybot.info/en/index.html dl link: http://www.spybotupdates.com/files/spybotsd15.exe mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/53310627/spybotsd15.exe
  15. rajat22

    AutoPatcher for Windows XP SP 2 (32-bit), February 2007 - Update

    AutoPatcher is a comprehensive collection of patches, addons and registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows system is up to date, even before you connect it to the Internet. AutoPatcher XP is an installation package designed for Windows XP to quickly patch a...
  16. dd_wingrider

    SMS Text In the Mirror

    Source:http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/home-entertainment/design-concept-sms-text-in-the-mirror-200370.php Now how cool is that to see sms in ur common mirror:cool:

    help guys....?

    Hi guys,i was installing Kino(videoEditor software) but i'm not able 2 install from this error msg [root@localhost ~]# yum -y install kino Loading "installonlyn" plugin Setting up Install Process Setting up repositories http://macromedia.rediris.es/rpm/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 12]...
  18. rajat22

    AutoPatcher for Windows XP SP 2 (32-bit) - November 2006 - Full, Lite & Update

    This release is based on the all-new AutoPatcher 5.0. Although it was made with Windows XP SP2 English in mind, it will load on any (English) Windows version, showing only the items which match the running environment. Homepage - http://www.autopatcher.com/ Size of Full version - 330 MB...
  19. unni

    How to burn mirror of Mandriva 07 repository in DVDs?

    Hi everybody :), After spending more than three weeks downloading, I finally managed to mirror the entire x86 Mandriva 2007 repository to my harddisk. Now, I want to burn them on DVDs so that I can free my harddisk (the entire download is over 14 GB!!!) and share with everybody...
  20. life_hacker

    Unbale to send html emails

    i am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 for sending emails, a simple HTML email will works just fine, with general images and table tags but when i am trying to send a email with background images its not displaying the way i want it. this is what i mean: Excepted : Output in yahoo...
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