1. Skyh3ck

    Want to install Linux Mint on already Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu System !!!

    Hey guys I have a dual booting laptop with windows 7 and ubuntu, no i want to install Linux mint also, so i get Triple Boot system. Is it possible, how ? I have already created one more partition for linux mint, please tell me correct steps so i dont loose windows 7 and ubuntu. thanks
  2. Skyh3ck

    Wifi connected but no internet browsig on Ubuntu 14.04 LIVE and Linux mint 17 LIVE !!! Help

    Hi guys i am using live usb of Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux mint, my laptop is a Lenovo B490 with Broadcom wifi adapter, on both the distros i am able to connect to the wifi and its showing as connected, but i am not able to browse the net with firefox or any other broser there is no incoming data...
  3. ramakanta

    Edit GNU GRUB Boot Menu ??

    yesterday i have install linux mint 17 MATE along side windows 7 ultimate . but when start it shows GNU GRUB Menu with default start Linux Mint 17 MATE 32-bit, 3.13.0-24-generic . my point is i want to make Windows 7 as default start (in the first in GRUB menu) . is it possible ?? how??? Also...
  4. ramakanta

    Linux Mint - Install inside Windows7 OS

    I have desktop computer with windows 7 OS . I want to install Linux Mint inside windows as Ubuntu . is that same procedure or anything different from Ubuntu .??. if different then , please help me with details procedure . thank you. :-(
  5. ramakanta

    Linux Mint-Cinnamon vs Mate

    I am confusing about Linux mint version , what the different between Linux mint Cinnamon and Mate version . please with details ???? what should be used . and which one better , mate or Cinnamon ???
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Unable to boot linux mint 13 from usb

    Hi friends. I'm trying to create a live usb of mint 13. I've tried universal usb installer and xboot. In both cases my laptop failed to boot from usb. I've tried formatting the usb as fat32 and ntfs. Both failed. My laptop is hp g6. I've already changed the bot order.
  7. V

    MDR XB30 EX or Sennheiser??

    I am planning to buy new earphones for my mobile Xperia z1. I am planning on buying Sony MDR XB-30EX (Rs1553/- in Flipkart)or sennheister CX180. So please suggest if there are any other earphones that are availablefor 1.5K and worth the mint..
  8. SaiyanGoku

    Dual hibernating

    I am finally able to hibernate from my primary OS (windows 7) and boot into secondary os (Linux Mint 15) and vice versa. Steps required to do this setup: 1. Do a complete format and install Linux Mint ( or any other OS using GRUB2 boot loader) 2. Don't create a seperate partition to install...
  9. root.king

    / /var /home

    guys I'm planning to install mint 15 on my system, current os is windows7 & my disk partition is as follows c:37gb d:40gb e:40gb f:40gb all NTFS and want to install mint in C: partition & confused about how much drive size needed for each like '/' '/var' '/home' can any one guide me does...
  10. SaiyanGoku

    how to dual hibernate?

    I'm having a Windows 7 pro + Linux Mint 14 dual boot laptop. I'm able to hibernate Linux Mint and then boot into windows 7, but i'm unable to do it vice-versa. Can somebody please suggest a way to hibernate windows 7 and then boot into Linux Mint.
  11. patkim

    HDD not shown - Linux Mint Live CD

    Recently just to explore Linux Mint 12, I created its live cd and booted into Linux directly from the CD (i.e. no hard drive install). While it loads and runs properly, it somehow does not show my HDD in the file system. I wonder if there’s something wrong. I would still expect the drive and...
  12. KiLL

    Help me regarding GALAXY GRAND.. ASAP..

    Im getting a second hand GALAXY GRAND for RS 12k.. Its a 1 month old set and in mint condition... Should i get it??
  13. G

    RAM upgrade for Lenovo S205

    Dear All, I have a Lenovo S205 net book. This is the configuration that I have: Processor: AMD E-350 1.6 GHz ( Dual-Core ) Memory: 3.0 GB (1333mhz) (2+1) Hard Drive: 320.0 GB - Serial ATA-300 - 5400.0 rpm Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition Graphics Processor: ATI...
  14. kg11sgbg

    Linux Mint 14 (64-bit) facing issues!!!

    The Linux Mint-14(64-bit) a.k.a. NADIA is successfully running onto my Desktop PC,except two issues:---> 1). The mouse pointer freezes up,when I am in writing(keyboard user) mode.I have to click left/right button and then activate it to make functional. What problem is this? Any...
  15. M

    [For Sale] nexus 7 16 gb mint condition

    1. *Model number and details:asus google nexus 16 gb 2. *Date of purchase:pre ordered it on play store on 27th june received it on august 1st week from us 3. Reason for sale:buying ipad mini 4. Warranty details:1 year manufacturer warranty 10 monts left 5. *Expected Price:16.5k 6...
  16. patkim

    Unable to create USB bootable Mint 12

    I tried creating a USB bootable from Mint 12 iso using Unetbootin for windows. However I continue to get Boot Failure msg when actual booting. USB drive is bootable suppoted and I have checked it by creaing MS DOS boot on it and booting to dos. Could someone help or suggest how to go about...
  17. S

    [Want to Buy] Ipad2 [16GB] [Wifi]

    As the title says.. Looking fwd to purchasing an ipad2 16GB, Wifi model primarily. Preferences: 1) Mint Condition in appearance 2) No issues with the article. 3) In warranty preferred. 4) NCR Deal preferred.
  18. R

    how to install Ubuntu 12.04 over linux mint 12?

    I have windows 7 and linux mint 12 installed on my laptop.I want to install Ubuntu 12.04 and remove linux mint 12.How to do it?I have partition wizard 5 installed. Laptop:Dell XPS L501X
  19. velociraptor

    low wifi speed in mint 12

    hello frnds i am currently using linux mint ,,,but there is only one problem now that speed is 100 times lesser than that of windows 7,,plz tell me the solution to this prob
  20. V

    My preci(ou)se! Fear not the Lion!

    In Linux world every distro realease is like a Divali! for the ubuntu fan it come to April and october for every year..But after unity ‘s introduction there is a stunned silence, several developers and fans are now turning to mint only..I my self cann’t use Ubuntu, but curiousty kill the crow...
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