1. kg11sgbg

    The Micromax Canvas LapTab

    Well @TDF Friends,no offence taken. I know many of you are over sensitive(mostly having -ve feelings) with Micromax(particularly the owners of Micromax devices). I haven't owned one yet. How about the Micromax Canvas LapTab? Since I am not a gamer,will it suffice for my day to day...
  2. meetdenis

    Micromax A110Q getting restarted

    Hi All, My Micromax Canvas 2+(A110Q) is getting restarted. I removed the sc card, ran a disk clean up, formatted it and then re-inseted it. The phone was behaving well for some time. Then, I put some music files(the ones I had backed up on the pc before formatting the card) back into the card...
  3. S

    best phones for me under 5000

    i wanted to buy a phone for my mom which may have a price below 5k or to the max 5.5k. it must have conneciviy: wifi,3g, gps camera; secondary camara os doesnt matter much to me buy while answering try to ignore micromax and karbonn like brands only standard ones if there is no other option...
  4. kool

    Micromax 353G disconnect automatically after i connect to the internet ! :(

    Micromax usb modem 353G disconnect automatically after i connect to the internet? OS: Win7 32bit SIM: Reliance 3G sometime it works fine, but most of the time it get disconnected immediately after connecting.
  5. N

    Buying advice on micromax p650

    Hey guys. i am working and in my work i would have to show the customer some PDF files, PPT files, use CHROME in Desktop mode which makes me use 3g services in TAB due to this i choose Canvas Tab and since i need to show things to customer i preferred it would be good with 8 Inch tab with stuns...
  6. suarezian

    Need an LED t.v. under 30k

    Screen size of above 32 inch is preferred.How is this tv? MICROMAX LED 39K20FHD
  7. akhilc47

    Dual SIM phone under 12k

    My friend is planning to buy a new phone. His budget is 10k but may be can go up to 12k if worth it. Dual sim is really important for him. So far I've come up with these phones 1. XOLO Q700 2. Galaxy core I8262 3. Galaxy s duos S7562 4. Micromax canvas 2 A110 Which one would be a better...
  8. Empirial

    Micromax to Assemble Phones in India From Next Year

    Micromax is gearing up to start assembling its phones in its Rudrapur plant in India by the first quarter of the 2014, PTI reports. “We have a plant in Rudrapur and have already started assembling of phones on trial basis there. It will be commercially launched in the first quarter of next...
  9. snap

    Micromax will release devices in Russia and Romania this year

    So is anyone surprised? :razz: Micromax will release devices in Russia and Romania this year - GSMArena.com news
  10. ZTR

    Micromax Canvas Turbo with 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB RAM, 13MP camera launched for Rs. 19990

    Good specs especially the 2 GB RAM :-o Price seems a bit high but that is to be seen...
  11. A

    Micromax Canvas Turbo launched. Impressive Specs, but is it worth the price?

    Micromax launches the Canvas Turbo smartphone for Rs. 19,990 - Mobile Phone News | ThinkDigit The specsheet looks pretty impressive almost at par with GS4, HTC One, etc. What I'm impressed the most about the device is the full HD screen (as expected) and the 16GB built-in storage. It looks...
  12. lywyre

    Micromax’s new face is Hugh Jackman

    New Delhi-based smartphone manufacturer Micromax has stepped outside Indian borders to rope in its brand ambassador. Academy Award winner Hugh Jackman, best-known for the movies Les Miserables, X-Men and Wolverine, will be associated with the Indian consumer electronics company, a Micromax...
  13. S

    Phone Bricking Problem Urgent Help

    Guys I was using a Micromax A110 Canvas 2, I recently heard that micromax had officially launched jelly bean for my phone. So I googled online how to update my OS. Followed the procedure as per this website, iGyaan.in | DIY: Upgrade Micromax A110 Canvas 2 To Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean...
  14. K

    Micromax data card mmx 610u software and drivers

    I am having a old micromax mmx 610u data card , can somebody else help me find software and drivers to use it . A method to use it . I have never used a data card before . Thanks
  15. G

    Micromax Canvas 4 In-Depth Review

    Hey Guys! Gizmo96 Here with a new Review!I haven’t posted a review from quite a while now But I am back with the full review of the Micromax Canvas 4.We all know that it is the current flagship device for Micromax and is selling at about Rs.18,000.So let’s get started with the review...
  16. sahil1033

    Problem in Micromax MMX 300C HSIA Modem

    I'm using BSNL EVDO on Micromax MMX 300C. What happened is the when the messages got full in the modem, i clicked on " delete all ". Now after that session, when I ran the PC Manager, a dialog box appeared saying " Unknown SMS error! Please check device and restart to try again. ". When I click...
  17. R

    Micromax LED40K360 40Inch LED TV Hands on

    We got our hands on the New Micromax LED40K360 40” LED TV. We tried searching about it online but couldn’t find anything, nothing on the Micromax site as well. After much research we got to a conclusion that is actually a Hisense LED TV, which is being marketed in India with the name of...
  18. S

    Help me in searching in think digit forum : Not thread wise but post wise

    Hi all, i was searching by advance Search options by loggin in to thinkdigit forum . there are options like : Search Types: Selected : “All Types” Keyword(s): Micromax - “search entire posts” User Name: Blank TAG : Blank SEARCH now …. When I search it , it shows me list of all the...
  19. C

    Need a smartphone under 10k for college use....

    So after almost one year of dissapointments, my Micromax a57 finally gave up on voice calls. so now I'm in market for a new phone, to be bought ASAP. So here is my preferences..... call quality- average. camera- don't care. would be nice if there's a secondary, but not at cost of...
  20. Fx8350

    Help to choose android under 13k

    Help me to pick a smartphone from following.i have 13k budget but can extend to little.i have shortlisted some- micromax canvas hd micromax canvas 2 plus spice steller pinacle pro mi 353 i live in jharkhand and micromax service centre is near but there is no service centre for xolo here so...
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