1. utkarsh009

    amd fusion

    so by now you all must have known that i am a novice. anyways, i have a question. are amd fusion and amd bulldozer different? i know that fusion refers to apu. an apu is what combines cpu and gpu on the same die (sandy bridge is an apu, right?). so is it possible that in an year or two that...
  2. L

    Android Phone Price inquiry

    Hi, I need price updates for following Android phones.I live in Delhi. LG Optimus One (Probably get it) Samsung Galaxy S and Micromax A60 Any suggestions between 15-18k?
  3. V

    Problem with Micromax 310G Data Card

    Hi... I have a Micromax 310G Data Card. It works great with BSNL SIM, but whenever I insert SIM of another operator it asks me to enter a NCK Code. Can anyone tell me what is a NCK Code and how can I get it Thank You
  4. V

    Micromax 310G Data Card Problem

    Sorry, I don't know the forum in which I should post this thread. I want to know the price of Micromax 310G Data Card. Can anyone help me. Thank You
  5. S

    Girly mobile around 2k with mp3 player..

    Seems the priority has changed and need to gift a mobile to a sister. She needs MP3 player and FM radio.. no need for camera n all.. Please suggest one.. tried micromax q1, but not girly :( Nokia c1 - no mp3 player... Budget will be around 1 to 2k TIA
  6. A

    Help me choosing a Mobile (India)

    I need the following features : Wi-Fi Microsoft Office Compatible Adobe Flash Support - YouTube is a must JavaScript Support Better than 240 x 320 Res. At least 16 GB Expandable MP4 File Support Bluetooth & PC Link Feature my choice is Micromax W900 but I am open to others...
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