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  1. S

    HTC Desire x or HTc 8S..

    A big question which way should i go Desire x or 8S..coz both are at same price..I have never use android & windows both so really messed up.. Please Help Me..
  2. A

    Mafia 2 graphics all messed up

    Hi My name is Anish and I have Dell studio 1555 with Radeon HD 4500 series graphics card and 4GB memory. My problem is that when ever I play games like mafia 2, MOH, c&c 3 the graphic are messed up. I tried updating the video drivers, directx and even tried the highest configuration in the...
  3. amitava82

    Opera: google layout messed up!

    Anyone having this issue?
  4. iMav

    WordPress Theme Messed Up

    I did nothing. Nothing at all. No new plugins installed. Didn't even go into the Theme Editor for days yet, today the the side bar on the index page is messed up. The post page seems fine but the index page is messed up at the bottom. Any suggestions? What is being shown now: What should be...
  5. dheeraj_kumar

    Need help with configuring domain and hosting!

    I have a x10hosting account, .co.cc subdomain, and an everydns account. I read a couple of tutorials at shubhspace.co.cc but messed up the settings somehow. Can someone experienced with hosting help me on yahoo messenger/google talk?
  6. clmlbx

    Forgot Password OF Fedora 7? Pls Help

    My Friend Just Installed Fedora 7 . After Installation He Is Asked For The Username And Password . And He Says He Had Not Entered Any Password . So He Has Messed It Up , So Is There Any Way We Can Get Password Or Disable It .
  7. amitava82

    how to backup linux...?

    is there any backup software for ubuntu like Acronis true image for windows, so that i can backup my entire linux partition n restore when everything is messed up...?
  8. M

    help installin php

    hi evry one ... can some one give me step by step tutorial of installation of php.... and creating server.... i have read install.txt but really hard to go thru it as it has messed me up....... thanks in advance
  9. V

    i am not able to log into msn messanger

    first i thought it was a virus problem but it is not but i have messed up my port settings what am i to do now
  10. A

    X1xxx series are out

    http://anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2552 http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/radeon-x1800.html it seems that the card takes the lead when fsaa/hdr are enabled but loses when sheer speed is taken in to account.and as usual ati somewhat messed up their launch with not enough...
  11. H

    Messed up while partitioning!Pls help.

    I had four partitions on my hard drive namely C,D ,E & F.CDROM IS G and DVD ROM is H.Recently,while uninstalling SuSe Linux I messed up with the partitions.Now I have accidentally created F( with less space than the original) and another partition "I". I have bootIT NG partition resixer but...
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