1. bubusam13

    FBI charges Megaupload operators with piracy crimes

  2. raksrules

    How to Automate Megaupload, Rapidshare Etc downloads ?

    I have a list of files i need to download and all of them are hosted either on megaupload or rapidshare. I guess there is a tool called jdownloader to automate the downloading of these files. Does it still work and if yes then how ? I tried some time back and all it did was some updating plugin...
  3. J

    Megaupload download is painfully slow any idea y??

    dear friends, From last one month my megaupload download is very very slow it is downloading @ the rate of 5 to 15 Kbps,(particularlity between 2 to 8 AM) before that i used to download @ 150 to 200 Kbps I don't know what happnened all the sudden but all my other downloads like rapidshare and...
  4. D

    Megaupload bypass

    Is there any way to bypass the megaupload limit?
  5. M

    megaupload premium link generator with premium account

    hello i own a premium account i need a software that i can generate the premium account for uploading purposes since megaupload had the feature of unlimited download and i had uploaded arround 220 gb i need to transfer that to another server without premium link generator i cant do that so . if...
  6. M

    megaupload premium link generator

    hi all i need a software which can generate multiple megaupload premium link at once as cms rapidshare grabber which does it . i had premium account of megaupload can any one please post that software see i cant post one by one u know i had about 5000 files and 222 gb in my megaupload account so...
  7. MetalheadGautham

    Is rapidshare any good ?

    We have all been well aquinted with, a popular site for offering file hosting. I started this thread to see what people think of rapidshare - is it any good ? Lets debate on how rapishare fares compared to others in the game. Edit: This thread is NOT rapidshare vs torrents...
  8. dark_king

    megaupload lifetime account

    selling megaupload life time account for 70$ . if any one interested then hurry or u miss it ..
  9. dark_king

    megaupload life time account for sale

    account sold
  10. MetalheadGautham

    MegaUpload Toolbar - How Safe ?

    A few of my friends have installed megaupload toolbar to download files from We generally do bandwidth sharing when it comes to downloading a large number of files. But I have not installed the megaupload toolbar, because I heard somewhere that its unsafe. So I want to confirm...
  11. C

    megaupload premium account for one year

    hey, wanna buy megaupload premium account? i have an interesting offer for you get a megaupload premium account for whole one year at just $11 yes only $11 for one year to buy visit here :
  12. Ambar

    GET MONEY FOR FREE IN PAYPAL and use it to get rapidshare acc or megaupload acc!!

  13. JharuPochaBai

    Torrents problem

    I am trying to download a 1.5 GB file. From Megaupload (where i hold a premium account), it takes about 10 minutes..... Problem is I couldn't find it on megaupload.....but found a torrent for it. But via torrents (BitTorrent), it's telling me 1 week 2 days? Is there something I'm missing or...
  14. R

    Wow megaupload account and rapidshare a/c

    Wow megaupload account and rapidshare a/c found on ebay.. Rapidshare Megaupload: seems nice one..What abt ur view??
  15. B

    Megaupload, The best way to beat slot limit -Tutorial

    Megaupload, The best way to beat slot limit To download without waiting from Megaupload: 1. If you use IE or other browe like Avant, Maxthon, Deepnest, Slim... 2. Star/Run --> type: Regedit 3. Follow key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Internet...
  16. S

    Megaupload Help Plz..............

    i m unable 2 dwnld file frm megaupload, even after providing the registry key "AlexaToolbar". any one plz help me..????
  17. satyamy

    Megaupload Problem

    I cannot download any thing from megauplaod error is i tried this but was of no use Pls suggest any other method?
  18. R

    how many have rapidshare and megaupload account here?

    How many have rapidshare and megaupload here??i have a rapidshare account valid till 2008 and lifetime megaupload account.. :)
  19. I

    How to bypass rapidshare megaupload depofiles

    Go to: Paste your link into form. Choose proxy, if proxy dont works try another.

    Megaupload problem

    i want to download a file from megaupload but it show this message All download slots assigned to your country (India) are currently in use. Please try again in a few hours or install the Megaupload Toolbar for immediate access . so there is way to download __________ plz closed the thread...
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