1. Faun

    Text Analytics to discover meaning

    Starting this thread. How to analyze text and discover meaning. Python will be used with nltk. Will post theory and code here.
  2. F

    What do you think about my website name MadZippy dot Com

    Hello friends I am going to start online Shopping website. So I have registered domain name with MadZippy dot com Some of my friends saying that it is very though to remember name. It's not a good commercial name because it's not euphonious (pleasant sounding) or memorable in any way. So...
  3. H

    Scumbag Nintendo: Makes Year of Luigi special 3DS LL/XL. Mario appears on it too.

    Front: Back: The culprit has the red rectangle around him. What is the meaning of this Nintendo? Can't Luigi get the spotlight for himself once? (inb4 Luigi's Mansion)
  4. G

    How do we use the word "Irony"

    Hi to all ..:-D 1.Need small help in english on how can we use the word "Irony" ? If i google the meaning it gives many meanings and ways to use. Can anyone give simple examples of using the word and its meaning in various instance. 2.Is this grammatically correct way to use: I am becoming...
  5. pulkitpopli2004

    software for web browser dictionary

    hello frndz do you know any software which i can install on IE 6/7 or above or firefox as an addon or extension. so that i can find out the meaning of that word just by highlightin or some other less time consuming method.. Its Urgent.
  6. utkarsh009

    what is the meaning of full touch?

    guys, can anyone tell me what is the meaning of full touch and how is it related to capacitive and resistive touchscreens?
  7. S

    any php expert:perfect pdf for hindi unicode?

    we have not been able to generate perfect pdf for a webpage in hindi unicode? the semi words are displayed in expanded form changing the meaning of word.. can any body do it.. any expert php developer can pay for it same while generating image from the hindi unicode thanks
  8. P

    Computer Software

    Computer software, or just software, is the collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions telling a computer what to do. The term was coined to contrast to the old term hardware (meaning physical devices). In contrast to hardware, software is intangible, meaning...
  9. S

    domain for sale

    one of our domain is on sale Ideal for educational,techinical sites,forums,cms etc Premieum site name for online support Educational portal sites Easy to remember and meaning ful name Almost 2 years old Good branding for experts and support company Pm us to make a bid
  10. thilina

    What is windows Build version?

    When I chk my Win xp version by diagnostic softwares my windows version is shown as "Windows XP:build 2600". Whats the meaning of this "build" thing?Does it mean that my XP is a beta version?
  11. rhitwick

    Name some scary games.........

    Hi, Recommend me some scary games to me. Las time I got scared playing a game was "Undying"................ Anything u know like it or matches the meaning of the word "Scary"..........
  12. S

    A dictionary in a mobile.

    Can any body tell me software, to search a meaning for a word in a mobile (NOKIA)? :cool:
  13. pritish_kul2

    How do i buiy this item??

    Hey,I am planning to buy a snorkel and have found one but how do i buy it....meaning in which currency should i pay and how?? here is the item -...
  14. G

    What's the diff between signout & logout

    Yes the subject says it all. Do both term have same meaning or dfferent.I'm serious ok..
  15. ionicsachin

    What is meaning of RMA?

    what is meaning of hardware RMA.. .is it functional in india
  16. N


    Could someone pls tell me what's the exact meaning of diplomatic...explain me this in simple words...
  17. naveen_reloaded

    || ....Unique Word Building.... ||

    Well the building is simple .. Start a word from the Last ending letter from the prev post and post a UNIQUE/RARE word with meaning if possible which u bet yourself that others dont know ..... :-D Here i start with the word "Vacivity" meaning : "Emptiness" Are u well versed in...
  18. ComputerUser

    CMOS problem...

    When I start my computer, it displays "CMOS/GPNV CHECKSUM BAD". What is the meaning?
  19. mak1012


    higuys can you please suggest me some dictionary software which after installing when ever i select any word it should give me a meaning for that.
  20. jatt

    meaning of xp

    hi frinds please tell me the meaning of xp in regard windows one of mine friends is asking this question from me plz tell me thanks to all in advance
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