1. jayantr7

    maya vs 3ds max...

    hey me here... can anybody suggest which one iz better?maya 2010 or 3ds max 2010? i searched but there was not much info. there.:smile: which one will be better for both game production and animated movie production??it's a confusing matter...
  2. D

    need LCD monitor

    suggest the best possible LCD monitor for rs8000/-. the most important aspects are color reproduction, brightness & contrast. i will be using it for photoshop & maya & some gaming on the side. thank you.
  3. K

    Aniframes-Blore--sugessions plss

    hello frenz i hav chose aniframes-blore for doin VFX course n i donno hw tat institute plss giv sugession abt tat training institute....n i m a noob in vfx n i ringed thm.....thy sed it ll take 8months (6months maya + 2 months VFX) wit a fee of maya realli needed to be studied...
  4. R

    (SOS....SOS.....) Maya 8.0 Serial Key or AW.DAT File

    Hi, Friends, I've a Maya 8.0 in my DVD. I lost my serial key or could not find the AW.DAT file. Please help me complete my Maya installation. Please be quick to response. rose
  5. gaurav_indian

    My 3D work in Maya!

    hehe i created a My photoshop work long time ago.This time i am back with my 3d work in maya.
  6. tango_cash

    need help in buying a graphic card.people into 3d and Maya help.

    hi ppl i want to buy a graphic card. i need it for maya, digital fusion, after effect,photoshop. i have to work on maya vfx i.e particles,dynamics(it needs hardware rendering) my budget is Rs5000 this is my present config. Intel P4 2.8gz with H.T 915GAV Intel orignal mobo 1.75gb of DDR1 ram...
  7. ruturaj3

    Maya or 3D Max

    HI, i know this question is not directly related with programming. But still i m asking in this section. One of my friend wants to learn any animation or modeling software. He wants to wich is better sw to start with maya or 3D Max. Also in industry(now & in the future) wich sw is used...
  8. R

    A MAYA 8.5 PLE Installation Problem

    Hi, Friends, Please help me with MAYA 8.5 PLE that was offered in the DIGIT July 2007 DVD. It says, to register online for the serial key. How? I need to install in my PC at home that has no internet connection. But I use office PC to surf the internet. As per the Auto Desk suggestion, I visited...
  9. B

    Laptop for Graphics

    Hi I want to buy a laptop for my Graphics applications, I use Maya 8.5, 3D Studio Max 2008, Photoshop CS3. My budget is Rs. 50,000/-. I am eying on HP Pavillion dv6705AU, because AMD has some good support for Maya. Please suggest.
  10. NucleusKore

    Maya Personal Learning Edition

    Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is a special version of Autodesk® Maya® software, which provides free access to Maya for non-commercial use. It gives 3D graphics and animation students, industry professionals, and those interested in breaking into the world of computer graphics an...
  11. S

    maya8.5 installation in fedora5

    hi i am new for linux . i installed fedora5 on my system and i have maya 8.5 linux version, my problem in how install maya8.5 in fedora5 and also how to install license file , and one more thing is how to run maya in linux.
  12. P

    New PC for 3D Softwares Like Maya

    Hey guys......I'm planning to buy a new PC for 3D softwares like maya, 3ds max, ZBrush etc. Please recommend me good config. My budget is 50K. Whether I should go for combo like X2 with good mobo like Asus M2N-E or should I go for C2D with P5B....? Also recommend me GFX the range of...
  13. deepak.krishnan

    Maya 8.0 installation problems :(

    Hi friends I got Maya 8.0 . I had installed it without any problems a few weeks ago and worked for a few days. But since the last 2 days it has started asking to install license saying that my system does not have a license or so. I tried installing the license again.Then, it showed that the...
  14. V

    system does not support !!!!!!

    i am working in MAYA software for rendring, lighting, texturizing. i have AMD Athlon (Asus M2N-MX motherboard & 3800+ dual core) system. with 2GB DDR2 Ram. but the system does not support when i work in MAYA. SYSTEM give low Virtual memory massage continuously. plz help me what would i do...
  15. Pravas

    Gimme some info about software costs in India

    hi guys, anyone one knows where can i get animation softwares in India. i want to know the cost for Maya 8 and 3D Max

    "Maya PLE"problem.

    Hi bro,i'm opening "MAYA PLE" nd msg is coming "Memory consistency failure. Maya is unstable." nd then after some time maya automatically closed.what is problem guys.i think its not a memory problem.ok my system details is "DELL INSPIRON 640m,512MB RAM,core Duo 1.83GHz(2700),100GB SATA,INTEL 945...
  17. rajasekharan

    Memory usage on vista ?

    Hi . . I just wanted to know about the memory usage in vista. . I heard its 560 to 750 depending on total ram installed. Now my question is . . As i use max and maya i want them to take max ram not vista. So can i switch to "classic view" and does it turn off that unwanted 3d effect and glass...
  18. savithk

    which 64bitLinux

    I have AMD64 2800+, 512 RAM, 256 8X AGP, 80GB . i want to use linux for Maya & Softimage XSI. so please tell me which 64bitLinux free version is available ??????
  19. rajasekharan

    need link for video tutorials.......

    please provide me with the links were i can download video tutorials for 3ds max and maya.......... help.....!!! help.....!!! help.....!!! help.....!!! help.....!!! help.....!!!
  20. rajasekharan

    where to find free video tut on max, maya??????

    please help me with the links that i can download video tutorials on 3ds max and maya......... a help here is greatly appreciated.....
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