1. N

    Learn Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

    Any one interested in learning digital marketing please let me know.
  2. rhyansy

    Hiring! MSI India Notebook Marketing Manager

    Special Announcement! We're hiring!!! If you have what it takes, send us your CV to MSI India Notebook! ( MSI India Notebook Marketing Manager Job Description: 1. Local Indian marketing activities plan, support, execution, results tracking and...
  3. topgear

    How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game ?

    So Here you go : Read on more on the Source website : How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game? - TechSpot
  4. B

    SMS marketing cost

    How much would it cost to buy special series of numbers for SMS marketing like the ones in FAB series? Rough figure anyone?
  5. R

    Affiliate Marketing in India

    Hey guys, How many of you are into Affiliate Marketing? i.e - selling products on behalf of others and taking a commission? Now that Amazon is here, it has started its own affiliate program. However, as I've been in the industry for a couple of years, I'm still surprised to see that AM...
  6. H

    Bethesda has put up a teaser for a new game on Vine.

    Bethesda has put up a teaser for a new game on Vine. UP: Second teaser posted. It is not Fallout according to their head of marketing. New Wolfenstein or Doom 4 possibly? Update
  7. bkpeerless

    Which specialization to choolse in MBA

    I have to choose a specialization for second year for my mba program. My first option is Marketing and Information System My second option is Marketing and HR I cant choose finance because I am an engineer and this finance thing dont get in my head at all. Plz suggest. I also want to...
  8. B

    Internet marketing Service Provider in Delhi

    Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, I-marketing, web marketing or e Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the online media Internet. Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to the offline marketing cost against the reach of the target...
  9. randomuser111

    Sony ropes in Katrina Kaif to join mobile ad battle

    Sony has roped in actress Katrina Kaif to launch its first made-in-India advertisement campaign for mobile phones next month and join the smartphone marketing war triggered by Apple iPhone. The Japanese electronics major has more than tripled cellphone marketing budget to 300 crore in 2013-14...
  10. D

    Is there any scope for Internet Marketing guys??

    In the Indian market is there any scope for internet marketing guys.If you know please let me know.
  11. A

    New Infographic about Mobile Apps Marketing

    Hi all I recently found an Infographic about mobile apps marketing and I like to share with you all. Here you can find the details about the Infographic: Number of apps across available in various stores Mobile apps have been developed in last three years Total No of apps downloaded...
  12. A

    What is preferable: online MBA, executive MBA or full time MBA?

    I am planning to study further in marketing. I have three options. I can either opt for full time MBA, executive MBA or online MBA, specialization in marketing. Can anyone help me with the right choice. I am not just looking for a degree. In fact, I want to learn about the industry, key renowned...
  13. ico

    Why you should use OpenGL and not Direct3D

    Why does everyone use DirectX? Network effects and vicious cycles FUD about OpenGL and Vista Misleading marketing campaigns So why do we use OpenGL? OpenGL is more powerful than DirectX OpenGL is cross-platform OpenGL is better for the future of games Excellent article: Why you...
  14. cute.bandar

    affiliate marketing

    I was reading up on how to earn some money online and got introduced to the world of affiliate marketing! to be specific using google adwords to promote companies and get a commission for every successful sale. But I am noob at all of this and would be greatfull for some tips on how to...
  15. NewsBytes

    Airtel and TATA's Broken Promises

    Airtel and TATA done seem to be very happy with their unlimited broadband connections. It seems that they've just realized that people tend to take the 'unlimited' nature rather too seriously. People subscribing to an unlimited connection shameless use what they've paid for to the fullest...
  16. TechPrince

    eMarketingHub Community Lanchued !!

    Hi friends, A new Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Community is on its way. You can check its progress and be a part of it. Visit : What is it about? Its an online marketing community with additional search engine optimization contents. Here, one can...
  17. M

    Reliance Wi-Max fraud or System not working in real?

    Dear Palz, Around 14 days back my cousin took a wi-max connection from reliance. He wanted a connection of Rs 799/- which is 300Kbps. Marketing guy said that the form can not be logged in with this plan and they must go for at least 1399/- rs plan. Once the connection is active, they will...
  18. Pat

    Microsoft plans anti-Apple marketing blitz for Vista

    Read More:
  19. hunt

    Windows 2008 server VS Windows 2003 a marketing gimick from Microsoft yes or no?

    Hi freindz, This is a forum where I am inviting you all to discuss debate on whether the 11 features posted by microsoft to procure windows 2008 server is a marketing gimick or not Njoy debating.
  20. george101

    The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

    In a recent marketing campaign in Vancouver, 3M sought a strong image for their security glass. They modified a bus shelter and fitted their security glass and filled it with REAL BANKNOTES. Many have tried to gain access with golf clubs and baseball bats but obviously the glass remains intact...
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