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  1. P

    Urgent pc Cabinet At 4-7k

    Hi guys i gave away my main pc to my brother recently,now i have my old rig Here is my config, this rig will be 2 years old this august. Zebronics poor rs700 cabinet Nvidia gtx 650ti booost 1gb (Palit manufactured) 1.5tb seagate Hdd 4gb ram 3.5k elitegroup motherboard Intel pentium...
  2. T

    Train simulator games

    Loved Trainz Simulator 2009. Got any better ones??
  3. izzikio_rage

    Galaxy S2 from US ?

    Hi everyone Some of my relatives are coming over from the US in a weeks time. I'm planning to get the Samsung Galaxy S2 from there for around 24k, could you please advise me if there is a better option available in this price or below it. 24k is pretty much what I am planning to spend...
  4. Abhishek_Z

    Portal : The Series

    Hi, guys have you played Portal."A shooting game that doesn't have shooting really to speak off." You may have loved or hated this game (+1 I <3ed this game, actually Portal 2). I know this is a very late launch of Portal's thread, still..... You may share your experiences like what you...
  5. N

    Game Wiki

    We all love games,However, How many of you read Game wiki pages on Wikipedia ? Its really fun and feels good to know what went behind the scenes for the game you played and loved it. Would like to know if any of our TDF members love reading game wiki once they finish the game. If you have...
  6. dashang

    freespace2 like game

    is there any game like freespace2 which has good graphics I loved to play freespace2 game is there any game like that
  7. Cool G5

    Help me identify the soundtrack in this youtube video

    The thread title says it all! Help me in identifying the soundtrack in this youtube video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ImW0-MgR8I I really loved this peppy soundtrack :)
  8. NucleusKore

    John Mcain and Pailn - Promo Desi style

    I loved this http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6a8b4bc6e0/mccain-and-palin-campaign-bollywood-music-video-style-from-brandon-muller
  9. drgrudge

    Jodhaa Akbar - Ashutosh Gowariker's Magnum opus

    Just returned from Akbar's Court, Agra. Amazing classic! I loved the every 202 minutes I spend this morning. Very grandly shot and attention to detail is good. I don't think many would love this movie. If you're in a haste, it would be painfully slow. I loved Swades, but it didn't run well...
  10. ax3

    Airtel Jaihey ! ! !

    couldnt find Airtel Jaihey is it been removed ?? just loved the way they this ad ...... wanna have it on my pc ...........
  11. digit i am thinking

    Which U R Mobile Phone!!

    HEY Friends I hav moto's V3i (just for style) which is ur phone. what u loved in it.
  12. S

    Which game will i like ?

    Hello , I loved the pop and nfs series . Which game might i like ? thanks
  13. iMav

    iphone theme

    i loved the iphone's basic appearance (the theme) and i finally found a theme for my 6600 that has stark resemblance to it so just wanted to share it .... Go Here and the part i loved the most .... the pack also contains an airtel op logo and the part i hate the most .... i cant edit it...
  14. abhi_10_20

    Caesar 4

    Did anyone try Caesar 4?. I really loved to play Caesar 3. I didnt get any good reviews on Caesar 4.
  15. koolbluez

    SE mobile doubt - how to install/copy games

    I've a SE w800i, which i bought 2 months back. Recently a friend of mine got a k750i and it has better games in it. My 800i has stupid games and i wanted his games. Is it possible? How to carry it out? I can't copy/detect them with the conventional software provided with cd... But loved the...
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