1. mitraark

    Merge HDD Partitons without loosing data

    I have had made two partitions of one of my 2 TB HDD , one 1000 GB , another 862 GB . They are almos filled up , and i gelt it would have been better to have a single partition instead of two. Can i somehow merge the two without loosing current data ? There is too much of data and i cannot...
  2. J

    Crysis game crashes while saving:help needed.

    hi, i have been playing crysis(1st edition) for past 7 days.for first 2 days it's working good.but now i have a problem.....while saving the game using F5 key or saving the game from the menu,the game suddenly quits. again while starting the game sometimes i can't even continue from...
  3. chitvan

    can i install SuSE 11 with XP sp2 & Ubuntu 8.04?

    i have Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron & win XP sp2 in my system..now i want to try Suse 11, can i install SuSE 11 without loosing my Ubuntu 8.04?
  4. T

    Problem with o2 memory

    the inbuilt memory of my o2 xda stealth is loosing memory automatically . automatically memory becomes less plz help. urgent
  5. N

    Help with IDM partial/stuck download

    I was downloading a movie using IDM and as my luck goes it got stuck up at 98.3% and won't continue. Now is there a way to recover this fie and use it? Given the remaining is hardly 2% at the worse I would be just loosing teh end credits of the movie. . . I already looked at the target folder...
  6. P

    Increasing c drive size without formating

    Hey can any 1 help me in incresing my c drive without needing to reformat it or loosing data on it.
  7. amitava82

    Poster printing query...

    I have made an A4 size poster using Photoshop. But I want to take a 2-3 feet size printout. So, do I need to scale the poster to appropriate size or the press can print any size of poster using same file without loosing the quality?
  8. A

    .vob to other format??

    hi i want to know the best method to convert .vob to .mpg or .divx without loosing quality of sound and video....
  9. J

    how to resize animated gif

    hi, how to it....without loosing animation!! thax
  10. Vishal Gupta

    How to Reduce the size of GIF file w/o loosing animation?

    Guys! I hv an avatar of 100x100 pixels and size 91.91 KB. I want the method and s/w so that I can reduce its size and dimensions ( 80x80 ) without loosing the animation in it and the quality as much as possible! Is there any way?
  11. A

    Win 98 Installation Problem

    :?: I have Win Me on C: Drive & Win Xp on D: Drive. I want to use win98 also. Can I replace Win Me with Win98 or can I install win 98 without loosing other Win Me & Win XP. Please help me.
  12. rachitboom2

    NTFS to FAT 32 ???

    Hi everybody, Can anybody Pls. tell me any way to convert my NTFS partition to FAT 32 without loosing any DATA of mine ??? Thanks !!!
  13. P

    avi to jpeg4

    i have nvgs15 mini dv camera , it records moving imaes in avi format and takes lot of space need advice how do i convert it to something , which will take less space while not loosing on the quality. i was advised to look for avi to jpeg4 converter-so wihch one and any freeware available or...
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