Win 98 Installation Problem

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I have Win Me on C: Drive & Win Xp on D: Drive. I want to use win98 also. Can I replace Win Me with Win98 or can I install win 98 without loosing other Win Me & Win XP.

Please help me.


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Windows ME is the successor of Windows 98 operating system, so at a time you can keep only one of them installed along with Windows XP.

so, if you want to use Windows 98 then it will be preferrable if you replace your Windows ME installation with Windows 98 and keep it as a dual-boot with Windows XP.


Gaurav wrote:
You will loose your winXP boot menu after installing win98

yes... u will going to lose XP boot option... as the boot sector of ur Primary dos drive will be rewriten....

I also have this proble..I lost my boot menu..

what to do to bring back this boot menu??


you can but first of all create asr diskets from computer management option and make one booteble disk of xp/me then copy current boot.ini in safe place from c:\

then install win 98
then just put bootable winxp cd to start installation

and at a time of prompt

press f2 for asr at that time insert your isr disk and
if it require then define your partition in which xp/me

then try to boot

if not properly booted then copy that boot.ini to c:\
and note that ntdetect.exe is present in c:


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creating another "autoexec.bat" boot file might help but be sure to enter exactly as mentioned in the digit's QnA section.
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