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i have nvgs15 mini dv camera , it records moving imaes in avi format and takes lot of space
need advice how do i convert it to something , which will take less space while not loosing on the quality.
i was advised to look for avi to jpeg4 converter-so wihch one and any freeware available or i have to purchase one


Cyborg Agent
You cannot increase the space on your DVcam without adding extra hardware or using more tapes. However, once you're done, you can convert the movie to a DivX format to save space on your hard disk or your CD.
To do that you need a program called Dr. DivX. Download it here:

And I am assuming that they told you to convert from the AVI to MPEG4 format. (There's no JPEG4 and you cant convert to it) The best tool to do that, in my opinion, is to use the ImTOO Converter. Find out more information and download it here:
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