1. Randy_Marsh

    USB-C to HDMI adaptor or cable for Nexus 6P?

    Hello! I want to share my mobile's (Nexus 6P-which has USB-C port) display to my LG monitor (which has HDMI port). Are there any cheap cables or adaptors available for the same? I looked through some on Amazon but those are costly (around Rs. 2k)
  2. P

    Smartphone under 14K

    Well my mother needs a new phone. For her all it matters is to have a great phone conversations and messaging apps (whatsapp and fb messenger). The thing is that she likes nokia (only) whereas in under 14K, I feel like Moto G is good, but she won't like it. In nokia Lumia 625 looked like a good...
  3. R

    want to buy a laptop

    i am into buying mode this month 19-21k budget screen 15-16 inch whatever i get purpose? internet, odin/now[stock market s/w], photoshop, little bit office work processor b960,2020m, also if any amd processor can give same processing i looked at few models and wanted to know about...
  4. tejjammy

    How to choose the perfect Portable HDD??

    Hello guys! Firstly sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I wanted some help regarding Portable HDD. I want to buy a HDD with 1TB storage and should have USB 3.0 connectivity. I looked up many places and found that the prices vary from 4500-6000. Which companies are reliable? Can you...
  5. H

    Person sees in 3D for the first time on the Nintendo 3DS.

    Burning North : 124 Millimeters of Depth
  6. cacklebolt

    Can someone teach me LIMITS?? :(

    I missed a few lectures of Limits as i was sick and now i am struggling like hell.Dont know what should i do... looked up Khan academy but not helping :-(:|:cry:
  7. A

    motorstorm versions

    I recently searched 4 motorstorm for ps3. I saw 2 titles, one on rediff & other on nextworld.in. The one on rediff looked like this: The one on nextworld looked like this: Is there any difference b/w the 2?
  8. G

    Plasma tv in daylight

    Is it true that Plasma's have to be operated in specific room settings? Never had this problem with my LED TV but the blacks looked grey on the Plasma TV with a little hint of afternoon sun in my room.
  9. E

    new mobile from 20k to 30k

    hey guys i a going to buy a new phone for me.i am to sell my bb bold 9900 and if i get 20k so then my budget will be limited to 20k only but if i get 25k then my budget will be 30k(25k +5k from my own).so please suggest me some mobiles.i looked for samsung galaxy s plus,but it has a boring...
  10. J

    Portable DVD player

    Hi, Need portable DVD player with good quality. What features should be specifically looked for? Budget Rs. 6-7K. Thx
  11. Krow

    180 ltr refrigerator

    I need one. Looked around and I was quoted around 8.5k to 10k. Is this the going rate? I think it is too expensive. :-( Please recommend one. Also mention what the price should be.
  12. ninad_mhatre85

    Monitor : budget 8k

    Hi Guys, I want to buy monitor for my PC, my budget is 8K max. Screen should be larger than 19". I am not sure which is the best one to buy. I looked at Samsung / Lg monitors. If you guys could suggest me some monitors that would be great. My main use of monitor : Editing Pictures /...
  13. vickybat

    Crysis 2

    Well i was checking out some leaked videos of crysis2 on youtube and checked out first 25 mins of gameplay. The visuals absolutely blew me away. So did the gameplay. It was fast, looked responsive and was better than crysis. If dx9 visuals looked this good, i can't imagine how will the final...
  14. P

    HD Media Player

    Hi, Pls advice HD Media Player under 10k. Prefer with network connectivity though open to all suggestions. Have looked around some options like; Iomega® ScreenPlay™ Plus HD Media Player Xtreamer
  15. Z

    Two TVs for Rs. 2.5 lakh

    In the market looking for two televisions. Size isn't fixed, but one should be 47" or more and the other around 40". Again, the size is variable. Looked around. The monolith Sony looked good, but online reviews surprisingly point out them to have serious flaws and crazy repairs involved...
  16. R

    required a mobile phone with a longer battery life??

    hi need a phone with longer talktime. other features are not so important. wud prefer a nokia phone. i looked at 6720 classic with talktime of 8 hrs. is it good enough?thx
  17. C

    Help needed selecting mother board

    Hi, Need to take a new mother board to replace an Intel D945 GCNL. Need to select mother board such that it can work with existing components. Can you please suggest some mother boards and what factors to be looked into? and also should I go for Intel or Gigabyte or any other brand(in terms...
  18. Techn0crat

    Crazy Fanboys.

    I've been looking for Batman 3 news and I found this in comments section in an article guessing who we might see as villain(s) in Batman 3. NotAFan 7/30/2009 4:36:49 AM As Long as that B****** Nolan has nothing to do with Part 3, I don't care who is in it! Keep that movie ruining b****** away...
  19. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a phone within 10-12k.

    Right then, I need to buy a phone for my bro.........budget around 10-12k. So, some input would be nice. I had seen Samsung S5233 n it looked nice..........any other options in this price range?
  20. nix

    slipshod india cuts sorry figure in olympics..

    source-*www.ptinews.com/pti%5Cptisite.nsf/0/207BF9C359AA758A6525749F005509DA?OpenDocument Amlan Chakraborty Beijing, Aug 8 (PTI) A slipshod India cut a sorry figure in the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony with the female members of the contingent making it a veritable go-as-you-like with...
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