Suggest a phone within 10-12k.

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Right then, I need to buy a phone for my bro.........budget around 10-12k. So, some input would be nice.
I had seen Samsung S5233 n it looked nice..........any other options in this price range?


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Problem with such proprietary OS phones is that you have to stick to apps given by manufacturer.

Music: SE W595?
Camera: C702
business class: G700/E63


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Get the C510. its a capuchin phone and SE is opening a app store in a couple of weeks. You will have more apps than you can ask for.


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if u want to consider touch screen then not much options
LG cookie is good

c510 is very capable


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Thanks guys for ur reply......that was quick. Actually got back to this forum after a long time. Neways, I can wait for a week so...........will check out C510 n 5630 if possible.

Btw, what about Samsung S5233..........any feed back on that would be helpful. I got a qoute of 9.3k with 2gb card for the same.


-1 for LG Cookie . Get Samsung star if you need touchscreen .(yaeh , i am an anti LG fanboy !)

Dont know how long till nokia release that damn 5630 . but if it release by the time you buy the phone, get it.
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