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Please suggest the best monitor for 10k....


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Guys,i m really a noob when it comes to monitor.I know nothing about it and internet researches dont help because there are no comparison tests or benchmarks for monitor.
So experienced digitians please help me buying a monitor for 10K which i will be using for games and movies.
It can be LCD or LED-no preference.(Image quality is my real concern)
It should be 21.5 inches or higher.
I have no brand preference.
Some of the monitors that i came across are.....
dell st2220l
benq g2222hdl,v2210 eco.
samsung p2250
viewsonic vx2239wm
but finally i arrived at nowhere (lol!)
So please help me guys.........


In the zone
I recently compared an AOC LCD screen (Its Full HD, cant remember model No though) with BenQ G2222HDL. I must tell you LED screens are lot lot better than LCDs.

As far as I know, both of these use LCD as a technology for the screen what differs is, that normal LCDs have a CFL backlight and LED screens have LED backlights. LED backlights are way to brighter and energy efficient, and I belive is easier to distribute light using tiny LEDs accross the panel than a CFL bulb.

from my experience the AOC screen which had a CFL panel did not distribute the light equally across the screen and there were patches of white glow on the upper and lower part of the screen (i believe thts whr the CFL bulbs are fitted).

BenQ G2222HDL is lot brighter than the other one, dint have any problems in the day light or watching movies in the dark was also good. with normal LCD panel I had issues in the dark, I mean when there is less ambient light the the picture is not clear.

So my suggestion for you is to buy a LED monitor.

btw the above BenQ G2222HDL was purchased from Letsbuy.com I think it costs 8.4k but with a discount coupons you get on lots of websites we got a Rs 1000 discount that too on a Cash On Delivery option. So i would recommend buying from Letsbuy.

comments welcome on the LCD LED difference. I would also like to know more about it..
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