1. R

    Speaker System crisp clear sound for home use

    Hi All, Want to buy a speaker system to connect with my LED TV (Panasonic A300) as well as smartphone. After researching online, I think a decent set would cost me anywhere between INR 5-10K. I am not a BASSHEAD but need something which can fill my living room with crisp and clear audio. I found...
  2. Night-Rider

    Switch to Bank Job from IT? Yes or No

    Hello everyone, I am currently working in an IT firm in NCR region. I have B.Tech in Computer Science. I have been in IT industry from last 5 years and getting a salary of 72k per month after tax deductions. (11.2LPA) I love my job as I am a techie at heart. However, I want to move closer to...
  3. Cyberghost

    Tiny robots powered by living muscle tissue

    Creating an articulated robot usually involves putting together a series of parts and utilising one or more technologies to make it move, including hydraulics, rubber bands and wheels. These are often fairly limited; omni-directional, for example, or unable to adjust to uneven terrain — one of...
  4. K

    Requirement for a solid Wireless network around my Big house!

    Questionnaire : 1.ISP :Local Fiber Optic Network(Nettech) 2.Plan : 2 Mbps till 20 GB;512 Kbps post FUP 3.Connection Type: Wan port cable internet! 4.Area of house: 4000 sq.ft * 3 storeys At least need coverage on top 2 floor! Ground floor is unused! 5.Budget :₹5k + 1k...
  5. avinandan012

    shocking reality

    Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? | World news | The Observer look what cost of living can turn a civilization into
  6. S

    Anyone from Delhi/NCR interested in doing Art Of Living Course?

    Is any one interested in doing any Art of Living Course? For youths(18-30),we specially have Yes+ Course by Art Of Living.. Anyone interested can just reply here..
  7. T

    Best 5.1 Speakers for 1 Lakh

    I'm about to buy a new audio system for my Living room. My living room is large (700 sqft). I have no idea which one to buy. I had planned to buy a DENON AV receiver and Energy Take classic 5.1 6 months ago but Energy take classic doesn't seemed to be available right now. So I've increased...
  8. cyborg47

    The Valve Console!

    Source - Valve will release PC/console next year - AfterDawn
  9. D

    Valve confirms Steam Box: A Console like PC for living room.

    Source: the verge Anyone excited?
  10. Anorion

    New Digital Divide - we don't have internet, we just have the wires

    lately seeing too many services being restricted to only US and Canada, or only Europe, or only Australia egs: Internet Radio - Last FM, Pandora mobile version available in select countries only, even for paying subscribers who have got the service on desktops Many multimedia services - Veoh...
  11. R

    elegant looking tv

    I am not much concerned about the price and technology of 3D TV’s. All I want is my 3D TV to look like an elegant piece of art in my living space. Which TV would be the most suitable for that?
  12. ssb1551

    Good Software Consultancies in Bangalore

    Hi guys(especially B'lore guys), I've been in Bengaluru for little over a fortnight now but haven't got a call back for a decent job interview. All the consultancies notify me of BPO jobs and 2-3 years work-ex(whereas I have none). So I was wondering if guys living...
  13. N

    need help buying a TV within 55k

    hi everybody i am new to this forum need help in buying a tv. My budget is upto Rs 55k. one of my greatest criteria is that it should have connectivity options with my Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III 2.1-CH speaker sys. The length of my living room is about 6m. other requirements include full...
  14. S

    buying lappy from us/uk

    Is there any way to purchase dell laptop from usa/uk?(other than friends or relatives as i dont have any of them living in these contries :-( )
  15. swap_too_fast

    Graphics card Fan replacement

    Hello friends , My graphics card isnt working anymore becuse cooling fan is damaged, i need to replace it, please tell me the proper place where should i go to buy the fan. My graphics card is : Galaxy 9400gt (1gb ram). it looks like :
  16. abhi_10_20

    Art Of Living

    Hi, Have any of you been to the Ashram and learnt the course offered? I stay in Bangalore. There are quite a lot of centres holding courses in all months. But I heard, if we enrol at the Ashram, we would be halting there for a 3 day course. Have any of you been to this? Pls share your experience.
  17. The Conqueror

    Modern Living (URGENT HELP REQUIRED)

    Modern Living has made the people of India weak,unhealthy and disease-prone. Please help me write a debate on AGAINST in this topic..URGENT... Thanks in advance
  18. heartripple

    Mobile No. - How to know ?

    Hey guys I was think about mobile no. Is there any way to know the ceratin mobile no user living in which state?:D:D
  19. nimbus_007

    PSP moding In Hyderabad

    Hi guys i just brought a Brand New PSP an i would like to get it modded so that i will be able to play games from ISo My PSP version details are 4.21 3004 I am living in Hyderabad can u any one give me any contact details of the persons who can mod psp in hyderabad.
  20. R

    Coming to bangalore

    me and my friends gonna visit bangalore from 11-16th if any of u living in bangalore can help me on how to go about the place it'll be great.
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