Graphics card Fan replacement


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Hello friends , My graphics card isnt working anymore becuse cooling fan is damaged, i need to replace it, please tell me the proper place where should i go to buy the fan.

My graphics card is : Galaxy 9400gt (1gb ram).

it looks like :

* 9400GT 01.jpg

i am living in Nashik....please tell me the address where i can found new fan.
I can go to Mumbai if it is there.

thanks in advance.


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hey if ur graphic cards under replacement i suggest u get it changed !!!
cause attaching a GPU fan is risky if not done properly !!


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thx for the reply...
i can attach the fan if compatible fan is available, dont worry about that, and by the way i think they are not giving the warranty on the fan of GFX card????

Shopkeeper said that there is no warranty on the fan of gfx card. so i removed it by myself.
what now?
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