1. anish_sha

    Poor jokes , pj :-)

    Hi.. Guys.. Let start a thread for poor jokes.. :-) here goes the first one One guy got bitten by a king cobra in his house, but he didn't die why? Ans : because he was in LIVING room.:-)
  2. M

    Hi friends I am thinking to make my broadband wireless so I am thinking to buy a new wifi router, but I also want to allow my friend to use it..for lan gaming. The biggest problem here is that on of my friend is living beyond the range of 2 km so can anybody tell me which wifi provide...
  3. J

    Help!!. Problem in motherboard due to salt deposition

    Hi all, My friend who is living near the bay area is having a lot of problem with his motherboard due to salt deposition. The motherboard had to be sent for repairs 3 times in last 6 months. the motherboard when inspected shows a coating of white material like salt. There has been similar...
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Indians living abroad-is it really worth it?

    Yes, we are speaking of the so-called NRI's here. People go to countries like USA, UK, Australia, NZ and many others, many for the sole purpose of studying and then return back from India. Others, after finishing their studies and getting their college degrees, get a job and settle down in that...
  5. H

    The Loneliest Beast in the World!!

    Oh dear me poor creature:(
  6. Manshahia

    Broadband in Two Rooms..?

    I m living in a rented room.. And the person living in the next room is having a broadband connection.. I was thinking if we can share the broadband.. Is it possible ? Wat wud b the requirements?? the distance between the computers is around 15 Feet..
  7. piyush gupta

    Living in chennai

    Hi friends i m currently living in Panipat nearby New Delhi i got posted in chennai & i have to join on 17th decmeber i asked some people her about the city they told me some stuffs like Water problems Climate is changed Veg food living people are not gud etc. so i just afraid how the...
  8. S

    Need a DVD Rom Drive

    I need a second hand DVD rom Drive. I am living in Shimla. If anyone is interested please PM me...
  9. __Virus__

    Your fav heavy metal band??

    Am very much sure we have lots of metallers here.. so what are ur fav bands ( only heavy metal and hard rock plz, no gay rap :) ) wch u will listen at anytime of the day.. and also post couple of their best songs I hail Cradle of Filth. *many many songs to name* Dimmu Borgir *Puritania and...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Data One ! mystery????

    hi guys i have a doubt . could any one say what is the basic req for getting a data one connection i aM living in tamilnadu. some say that the land line i am havin is enough for getting data one connection since it is a ADSL technology. some say i need B-Fone .....(could somebody say the...
  11. dhawald

    can anybody give me LOTR 3

    does anybody out there has got the original cd/dvd of lord of the rings: return of the king as the original cd has not yet released in india(i wonder why) and the pirated ones are not of good quality. I am living in Delhi.
  12. ctrl_alt_del

    Call of Duty 2 Screens!

    Today I stumbled upon a discussion about Call of Duty 2 on a forum. On digging around, I found some screens and scan from the upcoming game. See for yourself! Here is a scan from a German mag with it's English version also: I wonder how I missed up on the news? Am I the only one...
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