1. Randy_Marsh

    CPU Cooler for a new build

    Hello Guys, I have recently built a new system which is having i5 6600 (not K) with the stock intel cooler for now. I am thinking to upgrade the cooler as summers is on the way now. I checked and could shortlist two coolers 1. CM hyper 212 @ Rs. 2700 (4 cu pipe air cooler) 2...
  2. S

    New high-end desktop configuration

    Hi All I am building a new desktop. Major use : gaming, photo editing (lightroom/photoshop/zerene stacker), and maybe some Matlab as well. And I will be definitely overclocking. Please provide your inputs : Intel 3.5 GHz LGA 2011-v3 i7 5820K ---- UPDATE: Concluded that the the small...
  3. D

    Which is the best cabinet available here in India?

    Hey there! I am looking for a cabinet for my new rig. It should be spacious as I want to go for Custom Liquid Cooling. I have Corsair 900D in my mind. Please suggest me the best cases available in India.
  4. D

    Where can I find Custom Liquid Cooling Parts in India?

    Hey there! I am looking to create a new rig and I definitely want to go for a custom liquid cooled rig. Where can I find Custom Liquid Cooling Parts in India? I am not sure if they are available here. Will the costs increases drastically if I need to import them? I will appreciate your help...
  5. savithk

    big screen - big fonts - big icon's

    i have reading problems ... i need big screen - big fonts - big icon's ...which mobile is supporting this option's --------- Samsung Galaxy J7 Samsung Galaxy On7 Acer Liquid Z530 Acer Liquid Z630s Lenovo Vibe P1m Coolpad Note 3 Meizu M2 Moto G3 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
  6. I

    Split colin spray in pc cabinet

    Spilt colin spray in pc cabinet Hi guys, I'm panicking a bit right now cos I was cleaning my desk with colin spray today and stupidly removed the top cap. I accidentally split about quarter of the small colin bottle on my pc case while the power was switched off. Thankfully most of the liquid...
  7. Anorion

    Indian Govt to start cleaning offices with fragrant Cow Urine

    New Delhi: Phenyl, usually the white variety, is the cheap cleaning liquid of choice for floors across India. Anyone venturing into the shopping aisles at the Kendriya Bhandar cooperative's stores in the Capital can testify to this. Kendriya Bhandar also supplies housekeeping products to central...
  8. S

    Cooler for Nvidia Quadro 4000 GPU?

    My Quadro is heating to 90- 95 degrees while I am rendering 3D. I need a special liquid cooler for QUadro 4000 Please suggest whether such coolers are available in India or not? with links.
  9. furious_gamer

    Acer announces 6-inch Liquid S2, 'first 4K-recording smartphone'

    From Site : Features and specs Read full article here : Source
  10. vanpr7

    Urgent - Installation of liquid cooler

    Guys I have a Cm Seidon 120 XL liquid cooler and a HAF 912 cabinet. I had installed the radiator with two fans - one on either side, as exhaust (air being pushed out. I saw in a video for the installation that it should be for intake. Please can somebosy tell me if I should use it for intake...
  11. O

    CPU cooler

    Hi My friend has i5 3570k! He has the stock cooler and now wants to. Oc it...... Which cooler he should buy???(aftermarket heatsink+fan/closed loop liquid like h100/build custom liquid cooling??) Budget upto 15k
  12. vanpr7

    Choosing between CM K380 and HAF 912.

    Guys I'm planning to buy a mid tower cabinet for my pc rig. I had bought a CM 360 elite on a friends recommendation one year back when i assembled my PC, which turned out to be a disaster. Have been using is somehow till now but have to buy a new one because I want to add a Liquid cooling. So...
  13. $ingh

    Cooler Master Introduces the Seidon 120M CPU Liquid Cooler

    Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, announces its return to the liquid cooling market. Creating the industry's first All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooler in 2004 with the Aquagate Series, Cooler Master has since strived to improve the...
  14. johnjjx

    SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler - Factory Sealed

    Model number and details: SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler Date of purchase: (27-07-2012) Reason for sale: Already got Noctua. Don't need a water cooler Warranty details: 5yrs warranty Expected Price: SOLD Location of Seller: Bengaluru *
  15. K

    LOTR Music Files

    hey i am trying to extract .H2O files of this game(LOTR) but they wont extract....i used so many softwares but all of them were vain....please gimme some idea as to how to extract those files.also i heard files from Liquid Entertainment mith .H2O extension were encrypted so they wont it...
  16. swiftshashi

    Suggestions required for a high end rig...advice me the best options.

    Hello guys,finally I got a green signal to go ahead with my "gaming rig project".Here are a few questions. 1.I'm planning for a Core i7 extreme edition processor.Is the ivy series going to be launched any sooner??In sandy bridge,kindly mention a reliable yet powerful ci7 xtreme processor.Budget...
  17. C

    Acer liquid mini e310

    Hi, I want to know if acer liquid mini e 310 supports flash paler plugin...
  18. MatchBoxx

    Awesum cooling solution !!!

    My friend shared this on fb. It's worth watching, and do check out the related videos too! YouTube - Boiling Liquid Submersion Cooling Computer (not submerged in mineral oil)
  19. ajayritik

    Suggestions on Washing powder/liquid detergent for Top Loading Washing Machine LG

    I guys I have been using my LG Washing machine for almost two years now. I read somewhere that liquid detergent work good for washing machine so I used Genteel Liquid for washing my clothes and I was quite happy with the results. However the company has discontinued the product. In between I had...
  20. har

    Phone under 10k !!

    I am planning to buy a phone under 10k Which is the best option ?? LG Optimus One or samsung galaxy 551 or Acer Liquid Mini or Xperia mini ?? Is it worth extending my budget to buy the HTC Wildfire ?? What about the motorola Quench and flipout ?? And anyone please post about the Acer Liquid...
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