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  1. K

    Bluetooth IEMs for Le 1S in budget 1K

    Hello. It is proving to be harder than expected to find a decent bluetooth IEM for my CDLA equipped phone. I will primarily be using these for general music & movies as well as calling (yes I want one with Mic). I was looking for something alone the lines of these - https://goo.gl/xhuxlo...
  2. jackal_79

    LG G2 Or Nexus 5

    Hi , It seems currently LG G2 D802T is available on lesser or same price than Nexus 5 in both online as well as local market (In local market G2 is 5000 Rs/- lesser than N5). Which would be a safer bet to buy currently?
  3. setanjan123

    [Want to Buy] looking for gpu and monitor

    Guys anyone have a used R9 270X? Preferably the Sapphire R9 270X OC 2GB which costs almost 14k new. I would love to get it for 10-11k or if possible even lesser. Also looking for a 22" FHD Monitor. No specific model. Thanks. Forgot to say, sellers from kolkata/west bengal only.
  4. Ironman

    I want to make a secondary PC with only 1 aim (Least Power Usage)

    I want to build a PC which uses the least amount of electricty i want to run it 24X7 It will primarily be a Download & Browsing Machine Please suggest the Specs. Lesser the Price the Better! Keep in Mind : Least Electricity :razz:
  5. cutemug

    Need a good quality webcam for a budget under 1k

    Hi, Need a GOOD webcam(primarily for skype) around 800/- Can stretch my budget till 1k, Is there a decent webcam available in this range? Because all I can browse on FK, are lesser known brands like intex,enter,genius etc Is logitech C170 good? its priced around 849/- on FK
  6. ajayritik

    Lesser SATA power connectors from SMPS and more Drives needing SATA power

    Guys if I have lesser SATA connectors coming from SMPS and more drives that need the power how can I get over this? Do we get any power splitter?
  7. velociraptor

    low wifi speed in mint 12

    hello frnds i am currently using linux mint ,,,but there is only one problem now that speed is 100 times lesser than that of windows 7,,plz tell me the solution to this prob
  8. D

    Confused between Bulldozer and Llano

    I am assembling a new comp soon and I was suggested Phenom II X4 960, however when I ordered from a local supplier he said phenoms are getting lesser in the market, hence I decided to do some homework. Bulldozer platform gives much better overclocking headroom and Llano is good at graphics with...
  9. A

    GPU Confusion

    Hi, I want to buy a GPU and my budget is around Rs5000…… My Computer specs are as follows.. Intel Pentium4 540 @ 3.2GHZ 1.25 Gb ram ATI Radeon x300se(PCI-E) I aiming at GeForce 9500GT….is it a good choice or…is there a better one at a lesser cost??? please tell me as I’m...
  10. ajayritik

    What to get from Riyadh(Middle East)

    I have one of my friends who is currently in Riyadh. He is travelling to India next month. Is there anything which I can ask him to get from there which would be lesser priced. I have heard there are lot of electronic goods available in middle east at lesser price. Kindly advise.
  11. A

    Where to get Motorola Defy ?

    Hello Friends, I am looking for Motorola Defy. It's out of stock at IndiaPlaza and letsbuy.com/. Though its available at Flipkart, its a bit costly at 14,800 /- (after 600 cashback). Are ther any other online stores where I can get it for lesser ? Ho much would it cost if i get it at a...
  12. soumo27

    Need a good Headset under 1k For Gaming

    Well I'm in need of a good Headset(I'm confused whether to get a Headset or earphones). I need one which has a good bass, and isolates outside noise.. Budget is within 1k (the lesser, the better :P)
  13. P

    How to increase broadband downloading speed?

    hi, i have mtnl broadband connection.My friend has airtel conn. of the same specifications but while downloading torrents, my speed never exceeds 60kb/s ( while downloading one torrent) while his's minimum speed is 100-120 kb/s. i feel so jealous of the fact that even after paying equal amt. of...
  14. krates

    R15 RIVAL launching soon (Honda CBR150R)

    http://autos.maxabout.com/twid0000395/honda-cbr-150r.aspx Expected Mid 2009 +point is lesser price and 160 TOP SPEED ( 150 cc 160 top speed :confused:)
  15. A

    wanted a psp

    hi guys i wanted a psp in good condition (firrmware version 1.5 or lesser) for a reasonable price........ Thanks adithya s
  16. kl_ravi

    Why the Minidisc is costlier !!!

    Friends, I wanted to know why a Blank minidisc is costlier than a regular CD. I guess the raw material required for minidisc is lesser than that for a regular CD ... but why this difference .. Any ideas ?
  17. S

    suggestion for a config equal or better than an imac g5

    one of my friend in new zealand wants to buy an imac g5. but i am recommending him a pc assembled or branded as he would get more value for money. so guys could u suggest me a config which is better than the g5 and costs as much or lesser than the g5. (i know i have posted this earlier in...
  18. P

    Which is the best anti-virus softwre ?

    Hi guys , i wanted to know that whic is the best anti-virus software which even tracks all viruses and is completly dependable ? i installed and tried Norton internet security , its gud , but i want to lnow more about others , that are even better than this and also they occupy lesser space.
  19. B

    Welcome 2 INDIA NVIDIA

    check out http://www.techspot.com/story17025.html does this mean we can buy graphics cards @ lesser prices and minus the taxes ????
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