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  1. soumya

    Leaked: First Office 14 screenshots

    It didn't take long this time, either. Earlier this week, testers received alpha builds of Office 14, the codename for the successor to Office 2007. A reader wrote in to tell us that a tester from Russian site wzor.net has now leaked the screenshots of the applications included in the...
  2. A

    Nvidia Rebrand Leaked - Low End 9 Series to Become G1x0

    It's been quite a while since Nvidia rebranded its cards and we were beginning to think it has dropped the habit altogether. However, several leaked ads, courtesy of German retailer MediaMarkt all but confirm the new naming scheme. More here. Proof: GeForce G100 (rebranded 9400GT)...
  3. O

    Specs of Sony Ericsson high-end Walkman handset leaked

    Specifications for Sony Ericsson's flagship phone, for sometime next year, have leaked. As of yet, there are no spy shots available Specs go as follows: Display: 2.6" Form factor: slider, with metalhousing Camera: 8.1 MP, with autofocus Video Recording: QVGA reaolution, 30 FPS Extras: Wi-Fi...
  4. Davidboon

    Leaked slides show upcoming ATI Radeon HD 4830

    Some internal marketing slides from AMD were purportedly leaked onto the internet, showing the presence of a new video card. The Radeon HD 4830 is rumored to launch in late November and adds a much needed midrange card to AMD's fierce lineup. read more about it at ...
  5. gauravsuneja

    touch screen monitors launched

    touch screen monitors launched .how many of u will buy .only for corporate buyers they say .i called them up one of them leaked the price of 15" as 20k http://technologies.vu/
  6. A

    Official ZEN X-Fi Pictures and Features exposed(Creative's new media player)

    Creative's successor to the Zen Vision M pmp has been leaked...check out the leaked photos and specifications. http://epizenter.net/news.php
  7. P

    Assasin's Creed (PC), Leaked 1 month before scheduled release!!!

    Hey guys, the games was scheduled to hit PCs on March 27 (AUS), March 28 (EU) and April 8 (North America) And Guess what?? It got leaked on 29th feb!!!! Just a few sources to confirm this :- http://news.softpedia.com/news/Assassin-039-s-Creed-Leaked-on-Torrent-Sites-70635.shtml...
  8. T

    C&C:Red Alert 3 Announced

    Today, the new episode of the popular C&C franchise has been announced, unofficialy and "by mistake - leaked"... Its preety-much solid, because tomorrow, EA will announce a new anticipated title from the C&C universe and since Tiberium and C&C3:Kane´s Wrath already have been announced, its...
  9. r2d2

    Upcoming Nokia N96 Specs Leaked At German Nokia Website

    Yes, specifications of the Nokia N95 successor were leaked at Nokia Germany website. The page was originally located at http://www.nokia.de/A4831082 but removed later. Upgraded features include inbuilt 16GB flash memory, AND MicroSD slot, DVB-H ... Picture Courtesy http://www.intomobile.com/...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Reddit algorithm leaked!

  11. Maverick340

    24 season 7 Worldwide premiere

    Source : Wikipedia The www.24trailer.com link is down. COnfirmed by two of my friends. I was seeing it live untill 59 secs remained. Is it same as the leaked one which is all over youtube ? Edit : ( 2316 hrs IST ) - yea the video is the same as the leaked one, except he doesn't say "UK" ps ...
  12. Ecko

    Nero 8 Leaked Before Website Relaese

    Nero 8 , the latest edition by Nero Burning Rom was leaked on the internet before its release on the website The product made available at the retail stores was available a day later on P2P websites much before Nero could update its website for the product release
  13. A

    Harry Potter N The Deathly Hallows Leaked ?

    Harry Potter N The Deathly Hallows Leaked ? Some Pics !!!! The Pages Might B Fake But Spoiler Warning If It Turns True !!!!! Wikipedia: EDIT: Links removed.. thx guys .. i hadn read those threads !!
  14. H

    Spider-Man 3 For Pc Leaked

    The official Spider-Man 3 game for the Pc has been Leaked.It's original Release date is May 4,2007.Damn pirates.I'm not talking about the fake release but the leaked release after the fake release.I read some forums about it being available on private trackers.The fake release is 2.81 gb where...
  15. Dreamer

    MS Zune pic leaked...

    Well, this is what it looks like in real. Source
  16. B

    Review Google Talk Beta (Leaked Version)

    I got my hands on the leaked (or should we call it Google Leaked) and have written a small little review of it o my blog, Review: http://www.muchhalasworld.uni.cc/2006/04/02/review-google-talk-10091-beta-leaked-version/ Screenshots...
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    Radeon X1900 to be released in January

    See this, X1900 news leaked! 8) http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2653
  18. J

    Longhorn... What's all the hype around it???

    Whats the reson 4 all the hype around longhorn?? is it gonna be a 64 bit or 32 bit edition? will it be more stylish than windows xp? wat will be the system requirements? has the alpha version really leaked out or is it just a joke? AND the biggest question of all... will we still have to use the...
  19. ShekharPalash

    Halo 2 : Leaked !!

    MS has long list of leaked software from its labs... here's one more... HALO 2 !!! The French version of Halo 2 for XBox Live! boxes leaked yesterday on IRC and Torrent... Source: Neowin Game News
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