Radeon X1900 to be released in January

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Cyborg Agent
hmmm...interesting...48 pixel shaders from 16 pipes ? Dunno how efficient thats gonna be. I still feel ATi is playin catch up. The X1900 seems to be better (on spec) than the 7800GTX...however with the N71 core release impending for the nVidia scene I just wonder what is in store. It might even have Unifed Shader in it. I still wish ATi gets their launches fixed. Their products come out on paper way b4 it even hits the market. Which sucks if you ask me.


hmm, seems like 16X4 architecture to me, as 24 or 32 pipelines r580 will be too comples to create, anyway, Nvidia is not far behind, by year end 2006 DX 10 compatible NV50 will be out too

bring in Windows Vista & DirectX 10
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