1. L

    nVidia cards from Leadtek are back?

    I was just doing online window shopping before deciding on nvidia GFX card for my nephew when I stumbled upon GFX card from Leadtek!! --->*yantraonline.in/product.asp?CompId=28 I thought Leadtek cards were no longer available in the market so I wonder if they worth even considering before...
  2. M

    FS: Leadtek 7600GT 256MB DDR3 AGP 8X

    As the topic suggests - for Sale a used Leadtek Winfast 7600GT AGP 8X 256MB DDR3 Card with four original games - 1) Track Mania Nations} [Came with the card] 2) Serious Sam 2 } [Came with the card] 3) Titan Quest 4) Cricket 2005 Reason for selling - Have shifted to the PCIe...
  3. ancientrites

    this is strange and freaky

    when i play tom clancy rainbow six vegas.a continous beep sound occurs from my UPS.later my pc restarts.i dont know whats the matter.i have reinstalled this particular several times but the effect is same:mad:.i have no other complain from other games. my config intel pentium dual core 3.4ghz...
  4. g_goyal2000

    XFX 7600GT AGP or Leadtek 7600GT AGP

    Hi Guys. I'm planning to buy a new AGP card in place of my old nVidia 5200 AGP. I have decided on a nVidia 7600 GT based AGP card cos it's better then 7800GS, cheap & available. And also cheaper than an ATI x1950 which I would die for. XFX & Leadtek are the only ones who make 7600 GT based AGP...
  5. A

    Leadtek 7900GS??

    Hey guys.I just ordered a Leadtek 7900GS.Will there be considerable performace diff b/w xfx and leadtek 7900GS models??
  6. V

    Leadtek Nvidia 6600 GT AGP 128 MB RAM, Special anniversary edition

    I have a 4 month old Leadtek GeForce 6600 GT AGP card with 128 MB GDDR3 RAM, Special Anniversary edition. I picked it up in Singapore. The clock speeds on this card are slightly higher than the normal GeForce 6600 GT. It's never been overclocked and has been used for two and a half months...
  7. din4204u

    leadtek PCI-express 6600gt extreme edition for sale

    well i have two leadtek 6600gt extreme version cards in sli mode.i bought them in august last year from zebronics.i want to sell them as i m intrested in further upgrade.i got two games dvds bundled with the package.splinter cell pandora tomm. and prince of persia warrior within,the driver disc...
  8. P

    Problem with my Leadtek 6200 AGP

    I purchased a Leadtek GeForce 6200 in AGP yesterday. What I'm experiencing is when I switch on my computer, I get a symbol like monitor connecter with question mark next to it. It moves on screen for a while (5-6 secs) then leadtek BIOS in colour comes and then normal booting screens with my...
  9. din4204u

    leadtek px6600gt extreme for sale

    hi guys i have 2 leadtek px6600gt extreme GPUs bought 2 months ago from zebronics.now i want to sell one of them.its factory overclocked at 550/1120 mhz and is having 128mb ddr3 samsung ram. my expected price is 7K. it was a pack of 2 same cards and pop warrior within and pandora tomm was...
  10. D

    Future Proofing

    Hi among the two - Geforce 6600 256 MB or 6600GT 128 MB, which one is bound to last longer...i.e, like allow me to play newer games longer...?which is more important - clock speed or video memory? also how much is a leadtek 6600GT 256 MB cost? :cry: its probably over my budget, but still...
  11. D

    Leadtek or XFX

    Hiya....jus wanted to know if there's any diff in perfomance between card manufactureres.....like, i'm out to buy a 6600GT...<to all those guys with better gfx cards, BOO>, and my dealer was telling me tht xfx is much better than leadtek.....n xfx also costs more...so i was just wondering....
  12. T

    Help me with speicif graphic card for Asrock AGI technology

    My PC has Asrock P4i45GV motherboard with Intel 845GV Chipset with its own AGI (Asrock graphics interface) AGP 8X slot. I want to use dual monitor with Windows XP, for which, I have to install an AGP card, about which I have no clue. The manufacturer has listed the following cards - ASUS...
  13. D

    What motherboard Can i buy for AMD?

    I am going to buy AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and a Leadtek Geforce 6600 PCI-ex(non-GT) version, So please tell me which motherboard will be good for me and the cost must not be more than Rs.7500 for the motherboard.. Also my vendor told to go for leadtek Geforce 6600(non-GT) card which he said cost...
  14. M

    Plz Comment on my New Config (Help with GFX too)

    Hey guyz, I have finalized this configuration. Plz go thru it and also tell me if the price is ok. Processor: Athlon 64 3000+ Venice: 7800 Mobo: Asus A8N E : 7250 RAM: Transcend 512 MB 400MHz : 2700 Hard Disk: Seagate...
  15. D

    please comment on my newly built amd system

  16. D

    please please please help me

    m planning to buy the leadtek WinFast PX6600 GT TDH Extreme graphic card.....after the benchmarks from pc quest which gave it the best performer in midrange catogary.also it is priced at rs 10700 whic is much lesser then xfx and asus.i m buying 2 pieces from topnotch infotronix india pvt...
  17. P


    Looking for 6600GTin AGP version......for what I should look for?? Which brand....XFX or Leadtek or something other??
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