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Leadtek 7900GS??

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Hey guys.I just ordered a Leadtek 7900GS.Will there be considerable performace diff b/w xfx and leadtek 7900GS models??


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as u have ordered always pray that ur card gets the better response..
Made a review XFX is almost same as Leadtek... except some overcloscking system.. no idea abt that myself ...


The heat sink and fan combo is a bit larger on this board than the reference 7900 GS, giving it the appearance of something similar to the 7800 GS. The design on the heatsink is simple, with the WinFast logo and the card name over a black heatsink with blue stripes across it. This card also comes with two games included in the bundle, Serious Sam 2 and Spellforce 2.
Something slightly unique about this 7900 GS is that it's one of the two cards we have for this review that has a factory overclock on the memory clock as well as the core. The extra 40MHz of memory speed (700MHz verses the standard 660MHz) won't really give this card a big edge in performance over the other cards in this review, but it's still a nice bonus all other things being equal. Depending on the game, the core clock speeds of a graphics card will usually have a larger impact on performance than the memory clock speeds


This 7900 GS has a sleek black look that is a little different than the colorful light-colored XFX cards we've seen in the past. The design is the same as the reference card, aside from the noticeable bar along the top with the XFX logo on it. We aren't sure why they designed the card this way, but it gives the card a unique look that sets it apart from our other 7900 GS cards. The XFX 7900 GS RoHS Extreme comes with a somewhat modest factory overclock (in spite of the "Extreme" label) of 480MHz on the core and 700MHz on the memory.

There are also no games included in the bundle for this card and it lists for about $211 right now, which is slightly higher than the factory overclocked BFG 7900 GS. Out of the box, the BFG looks to be a better deal, but as we will see in the overclocking section, this card could come out ahead with user overclocking.
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yeah after odering do not come to ask if it was good decision..be happy with what u have...unless and untill u have money to sell that and get new one ;)


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Hey thanks 4 ur replies ppl.The Leadtek 7900GS reviewed on the link provided is the extreme edition.Anyways, hopefully this card im gettin does reasonably well.


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Well you can overclock your card to the extreme edition frequencies and more. I have overclocked mine 7950GT from default 550/1400 to 650/1600 (GTX frequency :D ) without problem.
Just be careful and watch out for temperatures/artifacts while overclocking.
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