1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Best android launcher suitable for a 10' tablet?

    1. What is your mobile operating system including version number? If Android, please mention if rooted or not. Android P, not rooted 2. What is your phone model? Samsung galaxy tab A 10.1, SM-T510 3. Are you looking for a) Free application b) Paid application c) Either d) Open source...
  2. sling-shot

    Android launcher with most used or recently installed app drawer sorting method?

    Basically I am looking for a launcher replacement app that allows me to sort the app drawer into ascending, descending alphabetical, recently installed, most used ways. I like Nova Launcher but it does not seem to provide this option. Could you suggest anything?
  3. Desmond

    Arrow - Microsoft's new launcher for Android.

    Microsoft is currently working on a new Android app, and it’s an Android launcher. The company’s latest app is Arrow Launcher and it is currently in private beta – meaning that you can’t download it without an invite just yet. So how’s the launcher? It’s quite good, actually. Arrow...
  4. TechnoBOY

    best launcher for android phone ??

    best launcher available so far just found out this List of Android launchers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. rohitshakti2

    Customizing home screeen of mobiles using Next launcher

    Hi Currently my mobile Lava Iris 458q theme looks like this: I am trying to get this type of theme but can't. Can anyone help me get this type of theme for my mobile. I am using Next launcher 3.1 Uploaded with
  6. ankush28

    Android app suggetion thread + MUST have android apps

    MUST HAVE ANDROID APPS following is the list of app that i consider must have. Give your opinions and app extra suggetion to expand this list. Notes/notepad:- google keep colornote evernote communication & chatting:- whatsapp tapatalk wechat facebook messenger file manager:- es file...
  7. NexGen

    how to set downloaded launcher as default in samsung s duos

    friends, ive bought a samsung s duos for my sister and downloaded adw launcher from app store, but not able to set it as my default home. ive searched all options in settings and other folders, but there is no option to set any other launcher as my hone. please help me in this regards thanks...
  8. A

    rooted & deleted lg home. Now i cant recover plz help...

    i have lg optimus me p350, i rooted it 2 days back and accedently deleted lg home, which it default launcher, so now i didnt have any desktop. then i hard-rest it by applying key combination, hoping of making it like new, but didnt work, it became new but without desktop... i had tried...
  9. A

    Help about HTC explorer

    hye guys. I just bought a new hTC Exlorer @ 8700. I wana customize it please help me to do so. I have installed Go launcher . I want to change the icons in Taskbar/status bar above. How to find the Live wallpapers
  10. V

    Portable suite

    Hi I have been using winpenpack for the last couple of years. Found it much better than PortableApps. Was wondering if anyone had any better launcher. The ability to add other apps is important.
  11. S

    Ubisoft game launcher error

    Hello guyz, Today i bought this game Call of Juares The Cartel from a local shop. The installation went smooth but when i start the game i get this error: "Failed to load Ubisoft game launcher" Failed to load configuration.Please restart the game.If the error persists please contact...
  12. T

    Optimux 2x UI is just a launcher/skin?

    Hi I came to know that unlike Touchwiz or sense LG's O2X UI is just a launcher or skin. In that case if we change it to vanilla gingerbread launcher is it possible to get full vanilla experience (stock contacts, stock phone...etc)? Could anyone in this forum please answer my query...
  13. coderunknown

    [PREVIEW] Cyanogenmod 9

    CYANOGENMOD 9 PREVIEW PS: Initially i was thinking of a full review but later changed my mind and instead did a preview as CM9 is still in RC. A lot of stuff doesn't work. No benchmark score will be available as graphics driver is still in early stage. Testing is done on my LG Optimus One. I...
  14. Soumik

    SE Active Launcher

    Hi all. Can someone guide me as to how to install Sony Ericsson Active Launcher for a rooted device? I placed it in system/apps folder and restarted phone. Opened it from system app and tried installing. Not working. How to install it? :(
  15. Plasma_Snake

    Modern Warfare 2 weapons list

    This is the "confirmed weapons" list which means there will be more ;-) Source
  16. agnels

    U3 Launcher on Kingston Datatraveler

    How can i add the U3 Launcher on Kingston Datatraveler USB Drive?
  17. C

    HL2 CS??

    Hi I have hl2 installed which also installed a folder caled cstrike. But i dont find any launcher or app to run it. How do i get 2 play it?
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