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  1. D

    GS4 latest firmware

    anyone here can provide torrent links for the latest i9500 firmware(4.4.2) for india. Due to slow speed downloading via servers cant be resumed. MODS if this is illegal you can delete my thread:mrgreen: BTW what is the difference between russian and indian firmware.
  2. P

    need help urgently

    I m looking forward to buy a asus laptop ...idk the model no. (sorry for that) specs are 3rd gen core i3 , 8bg ram , 2gb nvidia gt720m , 500 gb hdd......my question is that will I be able to play latest games like assassin creed balk flag or not....if not pls recommend me a good gaming laptop...
  3. P

    Android Under 10000

    Hi,I am planning to buy a dual sim android set under Rs 10000. These are the things I want to have- 1.A good Quality (my first priority as usual) 2.Jelly bean OS(or above) and other latest things 3.a brand with good service centers in Kolkata I don't do online shopping so don't give...
  4. D

    In need of help for new CPU

    Hi! I am Diparna. I am in need for a new CPU. My specifications are: - It should be having at least 4 processors, 2 GB of Ram and within the price range of 9000. I am buying this mainly with the purpose of gaming. I am buying this for playing latest games such as Call of Duty Ghosts...
  5. D

    Requesting Advice for New CPU

    Hi, I am Diparna. I want to buy a new CPU under 9,000. I would like to have a quad-core processor with powerful motherboard and at least 2GB Ram. I would like to say that I am buying this mainly for the purpose latest PC games like Assassin's Creed- 4, Call of duty Ghosts, etc. Please help me.
  6. bssunilreddy

    Why a BSOD occurs?

    Hai, I bought my PC in May,2013 but there has been no BSOD until this morning.Why did my PC show BSOD? What are the causes of a BSOD?I usually install the latest drivers.Please see my config in my Siggy.When the next BSOD occurs I shall take screenshot and post it here.
  7. I

    Smartphone under 15k

    I want to buy a new budget smartphone. Screen size-4.5+ OS-any Preffered brand-any To be used mostly for playing games, surfing the web and watching videos. Also, should I wait for the moto g? If yes then why? I have seen phones like the xolo play t1000 with better specs and the same...
  8. T

    Want To Buy Gaming Laptop.... Budget 70k-80K..

    Looking for a Gaming Laptop under 80k... Specs : - i7 Possibly 4th Gen. - Minimum 8GB ram - Graphic card latest so can handle all latest games in ultra high settings - Minimum 750GB HHD - Bluray Drive , if available , not necessary - Full HD display
  9. A

    Topics for engineering final year seminar

    Hi friends... I am a 4th year engineering IT student.I am in search for some interesting seminar topics..Can u people pls help me by suggesting some latest topics for the seminar presentation??thought this is the best place to ask for...:-)
  10. R

    Query regarding new graphics driver

    My Catalyst Control Center version is 2011.0930.2209.37895..i'm quite sure that it's very old..But whenever i try to update it thru the CCC it always displays that a latest version is not available.. So can i directly download and install the lastest driver 13.11 beta? Kindly help me out..
  11. R

    Business simulation games

    I hardly find anyone talking or getting excited about business simulation games. Is there anyone like me who love the games like - Partician series (latest is partician 4) Tropica 4 Anno 2070 (more of city building) Rice of venice (latest game that i got my hands onto) Is there any...
  12. M

    want to buy cabinet an psu

    I have dell inspiron 530s pc i want to upgade to play latest games on my pc but because of its config i can't play latest games so i want to buy a cabinet and a psu for it and my budget is 4000 rs. plz help me as soon as possible..........:|
  13. flyingcow

    Where do I get latest game trailers and news?

    Hi guys, I have decided to open a new youtube channel where i will post trailers as of now. I want to know from where can i get the latest game trailers? I mean which sites get updated the quickest? Also I want to know where can i acquire latest gaming news in the form of written...
  14. H

    cpu + mobo urgently

    hiiii my brother want to upgrade his dual core rig. now for playing games he wants to upgrade(all the latest game like deadpool payday2 etc, upcoming games like bf4 etc ) recently he buy cx 600 v2 - smps gtx 650 ti boost zotac corsair vengence 4gb ddr3 ram 1600 mhz his budget is rs 18000/-...
  15. chandan3

    help me guys how to fix this

    i updated latest driver
  16. A

    Update iOS but not to latest version

    Hi, I have iphone 3gs with iOS 4.1 JB. I want to update to 6.1.2 and use untethered JB, but itunes wont let me bcoz 6.1.3 is the latest. Only shsh blobs that I have is of iOS 4.1. Is there any way I can update to iOS 6.1.2?
  17. avichandana20000

    Amd 8750m driver problem

    my friend has a laptop . the model is NP300E5V-S02IN with win 7 64 bit ULTIMATE. It has two graphics chips. One from INTEL and other from ATI. From the provided software by SAMSUNG i have installed the AMD GRAHICS DRIVER. But it is coming as follows. CPU-Z shows the following...
  18. A

    HP Pavilion G6-2010ax

    Hello I have HP Pavilion G6-2010ax i purchased it in december 2012 from flipkart (6 months back). The reason for creating this thread It has AMD A8 processor with intergrated graphics 7640G(512mb)+ dedicated 7670M(1GB) Now the problem is drivers of graphics provided by HP are of version...
  19. S

    RHCSA exam help

    Hai technocrats, please help me in giving some information regarding REDHAT CERTIFIED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR exam in hyderabad. where to register for the examination and also suggest me some latest books for studying. Thanks in advance for your help. Sudip hansraj
  20. G

    Google Nexus 7 User Review-Is it The best budget tablet?

    I bought a Nexus 7 a few months back from US.I have a 32GB model and I got it for around $249+taxes.There is also 16GB model for $199 and a 32GB WiFi+3G for $299.In India,The Nexus 7 starts at about INR 15,000.So after a few months of usage,I can now give a complete Review about this Tablet...
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