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  1. A

    Can someone explain this to me?(Nvidia graphics driver)

    i have a geforce fx5200 256 mb graphics card...after installing windows xp with service pack 3, i hadnt installed the latest nvidia driver cause xp had auto recognized the graphics card plus i dont play games these days.. here, have a look------- yesterday, i downloaded and installed...
  2. Zangetsu

    All About Nero...

    I have some queries abt nero :D 1.What is simulation mode in nero for wat purpose it is used...??? 2.To Burn a Blank DVD what r the recommended settings...in compilation properties ? 3.Cant we burn a single file larger than 3GB in ISO mode ? If yes, then y? 4.What will happen if i check...
  3. kanu2k7

    Explorer.exe encountering problems

    It just started recently. I didnt installed anything but when ever i played some movies the explorer.exe just encounters a problem and shuts downs and then again restart. I have scanned all my drives for virus with NOD32 AV latest updates but still the problem presist. Please...
  4. S


    hiya guys wanted to know if the 30 gb Zune (refurbished)which is on offer is the latest generation one.. and will it be a good buy. coz i am getting one for around 6000INR.
  5. C

    Latest Football Transfer Rumours

    This is the thread where the latest football transfer rumours and deals are reported. Latest:- Peter Kenyon has flown to Italy to convince carlo ancellotti to join as chelsea manager for a massive 8 mn pounds a year contract. Manchester United have reported Real Madrid to governing body...
  6. VarDOS

    RAM Price

    What Is The Latest Price Od DDR2 1 GB RAM?
  7. smile

    Problem in IE & Mozilla :(

    I have installed the latest adobe flas player and my java is enabled but when i go to youtube and click on any videos to watch it says "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player".Now can any plzz tel me what is the...
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