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  1. animes_d

    ASUS FONEPAD 7 (16gb/3g) vs DELL VENUE 7 (16gb/3g)

    i would like to buy a tab within 15k, i shortlisted asus fonepad 7 (16gb/3g) and dell venue 7 (16gb/3g). both are 13k in flipkart. i liked dell bcoz of 2gb ram but asus has 5mp camera with flash. and i guess the 3g network is better in asus than dell. so i would like to knw which shld i buy...
  2. S

    camera for 15k

    I dnt knw much abt cameras, but want to buy one. My budget is arnd 15k. Which might be best for me?
  3. I

    Any scope for racing career?

    hello..m in huge trouble i have wasted 2 yrs after 12th..like flunked twice.. now m gona srt again..i dnt knw i jus cant study..i duno wats wrng.. i have genuine passion for racing..trust me its not that i like to drive fast on indian roads.. believe me i have never driven rash.. so can...
  4. D

    smart phone advice

    hey all....imlooking too buy a smartphone and my budget is max 14k....imnot looking for any indian brands and as far as os is concerned.... it should have android os (ics or jb) im not sure what should i opt for...few have suggested to go for xperia sola...im going to be using this mobile for...
  5. S

    Gaming Laptop.PLZ HELP!!!!

    HII I want to buy a good gaming laptop.. Requirements: Core i5 3rd gen Nvidia geforce gt 640/650m(only nvidia.amd is not an option) Budget-upto 65k Screen size may vary.Is 17" too big a lappy?? Most of all after sale service should be atleast tolerable cuz i knw all have worst a.s.s...
  6. V

    [Want to Buy] need a procy for my mobo..

    guys i need a compatible procy for the mobo gigabyte ga790ma-ud4h in the range of 2k-3k... let me knw if anyone is willing to upgrade his pc we can hv a deal... thanks
  7. Y

    30k gaming laptop :Help

    Hi friends. I need to buy a laptop for multitasking and gaming. But my budget permits only upto 30k. Any brand can be taken. I need it to use it only for 3 - 4 years. Please suggest me some. I found this one interesting but dnt knw about its graphics. ASUS P53E-S0101D / Core i5 / 4 GB /...
  8. U

    Want to buy extrnal harddisk.. Need quick suggestion

    Guys Quickly need your valuable suggestions i want to buy Extrnal HDD 1TB(No extrnal powrsuply)... i have two optins bit confusin to decide wheather westrn digit r segate and my budget is 6000Rupees.... i dont knw much abt extrnal hdd jst need to store the my files and wrk....... Let me knw bst...
  9. P

    Anyone from Chennai? Plz help me out with the prices of following specs. Its Urgent..

    Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 MOBO: ASUS P8H61-M LE (REV 3.0) RAM: G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600MHz GPU: MSI HD6850 Cyclone PE/OC Drive: ASUS 24x DVD SATA Black PSU: FSP Saga II 500W Cabinet: NZXT GAMMA I want to knw the prices of these items ASAP!! I want to knw where is the prices cheaper...
  10. nvrmndryo

    best pc 5.1 speaker system in between 15k to 20 k ??

    hi , my 4 months old logitech z-5500 D is dead n there is no replacement coz its Discontinued , so logitech ppl are returning my money . so plz suggest me best 5.1 speakers within 15000 to 20000 , not more .. i knw they have replaced logitech z-5500 with z-906 , but its not comin soon to India...
  11. G

    samsung wave 525

    i want to knw is anyone knw that bada 2 will availble for wave 525 or not coz bada 1.1 is totally a disaster Please let me knw
  12. reddick

    Games for my Lappy :/

    I've ACER Aspire 5336 series (15") lappy which is a basic one. I want to play d games like of action or racing type bt dnt knw which wr d best n their compatiability vid my laptop :confused: I visit systemrequirementslab.com/cyri n it shows sm matching games bt i dnt knw if they r gud or nt...
  13. R

    Looking forward 2 new Samsung Phns under 6k

    The star II has been put up for pre order for 6k only will be retailing for 5.5k i guess the corby II will also follow suite soon after I jst wanted to knw the experts opinions of thinkdigit wht they think of it & will prices go down any futher i mean is it possible...
  14. A

    regarding instalation of mac os

    I have got a laptop of configuration 4GB RAM, 500 GB HARd disk. Intel core i5 M430@2.27 GHz. i want to knw how i should install Mac OS in my laptop! kindly suggest me regardin the same!
  15. mikeyaxe

    NEED INFO ON various GPU's

    ther has been a lot of GPU's realeased lately...by nvida n ATI...but i dont cnt seem to understand which one is good and bad... firstly whats the difference between a " GT" in a NVIDIA GC, and y does a 9600gt price the same as a nvidia 240GT, i thought the latter were the latest ones...how cn...
  16. nvrmndryo

    Horizontal gray line on iphone 2g !! ??any idea??

    hi , i got this gray horizontal line on my iphone 2g display from 2 days , it was small but it has became full line now ,, i dnt knw hw it happened , i bought local data cable for my phone so maybe thats the reason or i dnt knw . so anyone has faced this problem ? its related to some ic or...
  17. pulkitpopli2004

    buyin a camera from outside india

    i am planning to buy canon camera powershot series from US... i jst wanna knw guys shud i really buy from US as i wud b saving arnd 3k max in comparision with purchasing same model in india... bt prob is i dnt knw whether it wud be advantageous... will dere be any power supply issue in...
  18. A

    MAT Exams

    Sir i got composite score ot 596.5 in sept MAT:sad:..... in 10th i hve 80% and in 12th i gt 79%....... I am a B.Tech Graduate wid 68%.....kindly let me knw if gud B-schools are available for this score......
  19. pritish_kul2

    Digit tv2

    i jsut watched the digit tv2....in the beginning thrs a device- breaking wind GH-5000 x-treme edition.....jst wanted to knw whr can i buy this and at how much price..??
  20. ashu888ashu888

    Is there sumthing wrong with (µTorrent 1.6+tpb) combination lately?

    Ok guys, I have µTorrent ver1.6 and off late o hv been experiencing a "A Socket operation was attempted to an Unrechable network" error..in TRACKER STATUS field ?? :confused: is anyone else facing this very same problem with tpb t**rents+uTorrent conbination from the past 2-3days...?? plz do...
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