KIS 7.0 keeps blocking sites!!

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I have KIS 7.0 installed on my comp alongwith Win XP SP2. The problem is that KIS keeps on blocking some sites even if they are safe. I cannot access, I know these sites are safe but whenever I try to access them i get the message "Access denied - you are forbidden to access the site". This message is thrown by KIS and when I temporarily disable KIS I am able to visit these sites. Why is so? There seems to be no method to add these sites in "Safe List" in KIS. I have added these sites "Trusted Sites" under "Pop-up Blocker" in KIS but to no avail.

What should I do?


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Try NOD32 from ESET. It treats security risks same as KIS does, but for browser only blocks highly unsafe sites.


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^^ +1 and its best feature is, you can turn the protection on and off very fast and easy, just two clicks on the system tray. So you dont have to go through the process of adding each site to the exceptions list.


I need the solution guys. I have paid version of KIS. Don't expect me to dump it for NOD32. My another computer too is loaded with KIS 7.0 but I never face such problem there. So I know it has to do with some settings but don't know which.


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There may be 2 possible reasion of your problem:
1. check parantal control on or off?
if off then on it.
2. if Parantal control is already on, make sure "adult profile" must be selected.
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