KAV and KIS prices

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KAV and KIS prices on kaspersky website is INR 1625.00 and INR 1885.00 for a 1 year 3 user subscription.

the same on laminton road is available for arnd Rs. 500. are these copies which they sell on Lamington legal?

Kaspersky support is the worst in the world. They v still not resolved my issue and my 3 user licence is gone waste with more than 200 days left. :(

this thread will throw more light on wat i m talking abt


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TataSky's Yuviyantra has a year long subscription to KIS available for Rs. 650 while KAV is free for 6 months, IIRC. With the number of free (and legal) 6 month/1 year codes floating around the webz, I think 500 is still too much.
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