help me!!! my vista is dying!!! :(

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guys, i was having a xp and vista dual boot setup (vista was lite version which had some componenets removed through nlite ), deciding to reinstall , i removed vista...then reinstalled xp....then installed vista. both the installations went perfectly. then i updated vista for the first time and rebooted it. then when vista rebooted, it gave me some weird "rundll side by side something" error and the screen was black and i could see only the mouse pointer. if i pressed ctrl-alt-del, it gave me a "security-failure" error. then i cold rebooted and logged into xp, while booting, a screen came up ( the one tat comes when u schedule a chkdisk) and gave some weird deleting some entries and then it showed something about a usn journal and then a chkdsk and then it booted into xp normally. i havent tried 2 boot into vista since tat happened. what has happened to vista? why is it working this way? help me...pleeeease..........:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:mad:
ps : i have installed kis 7.0 and zonealarm firewall in xp and kis 7.0 in vista

Choto Cheeta

Well 1st of all This forum is not a place where we can discuss Pirated stuff...

There is noting as Vista Lite edtion... please get one Windows Vista DVD and install the version which u bought !!!

thank you...
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