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Hey, I've been on BSNL( for quite some time and their customer service has kinda reached the breaking point for me.( Low SNR for months, ul became better later but dl is still bad+High Attenuation). They come once in a blue moon and dont even make an effort to fix it. Plan is ULD 950 btw.
My net still works, but pings are unstable (from about 70s - 250+ to Mumbai,around 60s - 300+ to Singapore), some connection drops once in a while(which causes a ping spike) and browsing is very slow sometimes. Downloading is still kinda ok.

So I was looking into YOU broadband which has 1MBPS unlimited cheaper than my current plan. I would like to know how the pings for YOU are, as I do game online quite a bit ( to both Asian and European servers). And how good the CC is.
And does anyone know any other good ISP? I could go Airtel but dont like the post-FUP speeds of 256( This is 2013, dammit!).

Additional Information : I live in Kottur/Kotturpuram.


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I dont know about You broadband (just know that it is an investment venture of citibank).I am using Airtel in R.A. Puram chennai.I pay Rs 1800 monthly and they give 2 mbps speed till 80 Gb and 256 kbps thereafter.For me 80 GB is enough for our entire family.Service is good and prompt.Ping is also good and speed is consistent.They dont block torrents.Now this is a main decision maker since the isp i was using previously i.e hathway used to block some ports such that you cant download torrents effectively.
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