1. I

    Photography Challenges

    Calling all the photographers on this forum! I have decided to start a weekly challenge of photography. Rules 1. The challenge is just for fun. 2. All images must be taken after the theme is announced. 3. The challenge runs from 9pm on the Sunday and runs until 9pm the following Sunday...
  2. H

    ITC judge rules Samsung infringed Apple's text-selection patent

    ITC judge rules Samsung infringed Apple's text-selection patent | ZDNet More victories to patent trolls patenting basic inventions which can easily be implemented without specifically plagiarizing the feature.
  3. R

    One song can have different genres!

    How many of you agree? How many times have you been confused as to what genre a song belongs to? Do you judge a song on the basis of just the background music? Or just the instruments? Are genres subjective to different people? Thing is - my friend asked all this all of a sudden when I...
  4. Nipun

    Apple website to declare: Samsung didn’t copy iPad

    Apple website to declare: Samsung didn’t copy iPad - The Times of India
  5. Desmond

    WTF! news

    Hi all, We occasionally come across some news which simply makes us go "DAFUQ did I just read!!??", this thread is a one stop list of all the stupidity that human beings are capable of dispersing. Let me start up with this : UK Judge: Galaxy Tab "Not Cool" Enough To Infringe iPad Source
  6. R

    How we judge

  7. digit i am thinking

    New internet piracy law comes into effect in France

    The first effects of France's new law against internet piracy will begin to be felt as the new year begins. The law was passed after a long struggle in parliament, and in the teeth of bitter opposition from groups opposed to internet restrictions. Illegal downloaders will be sent a warning...
  8. naveen_reloaded

    TPB Closer to a Retrial, Demands New Investigation

    The connections of Pirate Bay judge Tomas Norström to national and international pro-copyright lobby groups are even more far reaching than initially reported. Consequently, many leading figures within the Swedish judicial system are now convinced that a retrial is necessary so the defendants...
  9. naveen_reloaded

    Judge Biased ! TPB Appeals for ReTrial !

    One of the biggest cases in file-sharing history ended last week with The Pirate Bay Four sentenced to huge fines and jail time. Today it is revealed that far from being impartial, the judge in the case is a member of pro-copyright groups - along with Henrik Pontén, Monique Wadsted and Peter...
  10. H

    Spare the boys please!

    Go to article
  11. gaurav_indian

    Hindu gods get summons from court

    wth? Hindu gods get summons from court *news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7132124.stm
  12. hailgautam

    RIAA must turn over attorney billing records to Oklahoma mother

    Source Funny One I must Say :D:D:D
  13. JGuru

    Judge orders Google to disclose User's data!!!

    A Brazilian judge has ordered the local office of the web search company Google to disclose data of users of Google's social-networking site Orkut, accused of racism & child pornography. The federal judge has ordered that Google would be given 15 days time to disclose the information...
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