1. bestpain

    growth of IT industry if going cashless?

    As we can see that most of the transactions are now cashless and payments are made online,online recharge etc. So there must be the need of programmers and developers to create,design and maintain these database,transactions. i wanted to know which jobs in IT sector will grow(like database...
  2. D

    15 Important Tips On How To Change Jobs

    An employee have to face lot of difficulties while moving out a job... This is time when a person suffered from physical, mental, economical exertion.* I want to suggest some tips. If you are also running from this type then Read This : 15 Important Tips On How To Change Jobs Idleexperts
  3. K

    Upgrading old PC for 25 to 30K

    I have a working computer which is as slow as a bullock cart. I do a lot of Photo and Video editing jobs, and since I have some jobs pending I decided to revamp the rig rather than spending time on troubleshooting. Here is the questionnaire: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all...
  4. cute.bandar - my site for finding freelance work

    Search multiple freelancing websites at one go, getting the results on a single page. Other Features: -its updated every 20 minutes -powered by sphinx search engine -powerful google like advanced search options, so you can even exclude results that are irrelevant for you. -ability to...
  5. napster007

    Job Referral Thread

    Hey friends, I work at TCS Hyderabad as a Assistant system engineer. It has been above an year here for me. We keep getting internal mails about various job offers around the country were TCS has vacancies. So we basically can refer people for that position. After clearing the interview process...
  6. pacificb0y

    Woman cons 84 with fake ISRO offer letters

    BANGALORE: A 23-year-old electronics engineering graduate has been arrested for allegedly faking the electronic signature of Isro chairman K Radhakrishnan and conning 84 college students after promising them jobs in the organization. She had earlier failed an Isro job test. Shradda Saswathi...
  7. T

    Part time jobs

    are there any part time jobs available that can be worked from home and without investing any sums?? its for a computer science graduate.
  8. 101gamzer

    Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs

  9. P

    career guidance

    if i train myself in oop using c++, data structure and algorithms and html5/css and programing in visual basic. what kind of programming jobs i can get? and is it OK to start software programming career , this as basic level...please guide -parjanya
  10. G

    Barack Obama and Steve Jobs argued over outsourcing

    Barack Obama and Steve Jobs argued over outsourcing
  11. P

    Need assistance in Freelancer jobs...

    Friends, and of course Sir's :) I am planning to get some financial aid for my further studies in the field of Electronics and Communication Engg. I am now studying E & C polytechnic diploma. To secure my future its necessary to complete Engineering in the same field. But as you know...
  12. T

    Gaming Job...

    Hi all!! I am currently pursuing a course in Game Development & Designing. I stay in Mumbai & intend to take up a part time (preferrably) or full time job in the field of 3D games. So am looking for suggestions on 3D game companies or companies involved in the development or designing of 3D...
  13. pratik385

    “grand theft” Android :O

    Steve Jobs pledged “thermonuclear war” on “grand theft” Android - SlashGear
  14. sygeek

    R.I.P. - Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs, legendary Apple founder, dies of cancer Despite being someone who has disliked Apple, he has earned a lot of respect from my side. He's one of the guys who revolutionized technology. He was legend. His passion and spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. You will be missed...
  15. TickTock

    Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple's CEO

    Source: Steve Jobs resigns from Apple, Cook becomes CEO - Yahoo! News Maybe they will start making cheaper , better devices rather than the overpriced crap they do now.. :lol::lol:
  16. T

    Comic Book on Steve Jobs !!

    APPLE FANS!! Steve Jobs is nearly as iconic as his company logo. He's been called an innovator, risk-taker, a visionary and a genius. He's also been called unscrupulous, an egomaniac and a corporate pirate. Both sides of this complex personality are examined in an upcoming Bluewater...
  17. D

    is msc cs through lateral entry valid for foreign jobs

    is msc cs through lateral entry valid for foreign jobs
  18. S

    online jobs!!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone, i would like to ask one thing that all we hv seen lot of ads of online jobs or earn from home, is this true? if yes then plz tell me about some genuine sites. i m seeking this for my gf. thaxx
  19. soumya

    Steve Jobs Tells Bill Gates He’s Being Sued

  20. Rahim

    The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash

    The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash By Charlie Stross There has been some ... interesting news from the tech sector this week. Firstly, the Apple vs. Adobe vendetta gets even nastier, with a public letter from Steve Jobs...
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