1. R

    Upgrading my Acer Desktop For Gaming and Video Editing.NEED HELP

    I am trying to upgrade my 5 year old ACER desktop. I have decided to invest in motherboard, CPU, ram and a future proof gpu.(at least for next 4 years) I have short listed AMD FX6300 for CPU, MSI 970 gaming Motherboard and ASUS STRIX GTX960 2gb. Also a power supply for new power hungry...
  2. elafanto

    Need aspirants for my new coupon website

    Its not a classified:-D Hey, Guys I am going to invest in making of a coupon and deals website,and I need some peoples to work with me who have * A decent knowledge of internet :lol: * A little introduction to HTML and CSS, PHP(don't need to be expert, enough to know what is it). :-) * Should...
  3. V

    Soundcard ????

    I am turning my old comp into music player. It has Gigabyte g31m s2L motherboard. in order to get good quality sound should I invest in a sound card or will onboard will suffice Please help
  4. arsenalfan001

    Using TV as monitor - Cons

    Guys, I am planning to upgrade my 6 years old desktop running on a Intel P4 3.0Ghz (no HT) :P Now, while choosing components, I have a doubt regarding monitor. I have a 22" samsung LCD TV. It is not too big and it has DVI and HDMI ports so I can use it as a monitor and invest the savings...
  5. S

    3D Content availability through Digital set top box

    I own a 3D TV. The furore about the digitization seems to be blowing out of proportion.I am yet not convinced that I should invest in a set top box. Will the set top box be able to receive 3D content that I can view on my 3D TV?
  6. TheLetterD

    A Printer Under 4K

    Hello. Im going to buy a Printer for basic Black and white document printing and the occasional school project color printing. This is my first printer so I am not sure If I should get a InkJet or a Laser printer. I want it to be ink-efficient and (Im not sure if this happens now-a-days :| ) I...
  7. S

    Purchasing New Camcorder

    Hi all, i need suggestions for buying new HD camcorder. I have narrowed down to Sony XR-160. But i need to know from others whether it is worthy to invest about 40k ? I will be on vacation during pujos for about 15 days in uttarakhand.
  8. Zangetsu

    Nikon D-SLR buying advice.

    Hi Guys :wave: I have chosen D3100 as the camera to buy. bcoz 1080p video recording & under budget. what is the best price of it with & without kit lens? would it be a good idea to buy just the body & invest in other lens separately?
  9. F

    Does the motherboard really affect Game performence ?

    should investing in high end mobo increase overall performace or just invest money in good cpu and gpu
  10. nvrmndryo

    Can we play pirated games on Sony Playstation 3 ??

    I was just wondering if we can download ps3 games n play on ps3 like Xbox 360 ??? I want to play Uncharted 2 & God of war 3 ,, but I cant invest 20000 + dvds for it ...(If I can play pirated games on ps3 , i will sure buy ps3 !!)
  11. L

    Antivirus Software.

    Hi friends, Microsoft claims that their "security essentials software" is a replacement to antivirus software. if I buy Windows 7, I'll get security essential for free download. So is it ok If I rely on that and not invest in other commercial antivirus softwares? Any pros and cons? please...
  12. M

    Best pross+mobo combo under RS 8000/-

    Hi guys, I own M2N-MX mobo + Athlon X2 4000+ pros and got chance to flush it for RS 4000/-.Please suggest me the motherboard+prosseser combo around RS 8000/- to compliment my 8600gt 256MB DDR3 card along with 2GB palit 667 mhz RAM for gaming.Ya I know it will not be a great system...
  13. naveen_reloaded

    Need your urgent advice...

    My friend of mine told a program or business in which you have to pay 10k and they will invest in shares and in return they will give 1k monthly there after... They also have a site It seems they also give 2.5k for each person you make join into the program..appears to me...
  14. jxcess2

    Have you invested?

    Since India is shining and many youngsters today are earning incomes which their parents could only dream of when they were their ages, investing today shud not be disregarded. I've invested around 2 lacs in mutual funds, a little in LIC and NSC, a little in PF and have little amounts in 5...
  15. V

    trying to fit a webpage into my browser-please help

    I have a 14 inch monitor. when you go to this link * and click on launch virtual trading platform it opens a new page but that does not fir into my browser(IE AS WELL AS FIREFOX)neither does it give me a link so that I can paste into the...
  16. krates

    Share market

    Hey all guys i have heard that you become too rich if you invest in share market so i have some money which i want to invest in share market just tell me which company is leading these days so i can invest some money in that Thanks in advance
  17. Third Eye

    YouTube could kill internet by 2010

    A study from Nemertes Research Group suggests the increasing use of video services such as YouTube could see the internet reach breaking point in just three years’ time. The research firm says the flood of new video content could overwhelm the web by 2010 unless backbone providers invest up to...
  18. abhijit_reddevil

    What is a mutual fund?

    What is a mutual fund? I need to invest in 1-2 of them but I need to get the basics right.
  19. Ankur Gupta

    I am in a fix pls help........

    Well here is my problem...... I am upgrading in a week or so and i have abt 18K cash in my pocket. i want to invest in a motherboard which is dual-core capable but i donot plan to buy a dual-core now due to high prices. Now i donot plan to invest in a graphix card now so lookin for onboard...
  20. M

    Which one is Better

    Hye guys. help me out which of the following is a better antivirus to invest for Panda or Norton
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