1. P

    How to Inset a Avatar Here?

    Hi guys,while trying to upload a image for my avatar here at tdf i get a Invalid file Error any help on this topic?
  2. ithehappy

    How do I join this forum,

    There's a German forum called, they generally review monitor and TV and stuffs. I just wanted to join the forum, but I can't. When I provide my Gmail or Ymail ID it says invalid email ID! WTF? If anyone knows about them or a member already please tell me what email ID do they accept...
  3. Charley

    Package File Is Invalid Error

    After downloading the app, it shows me Package File Is Invalid. I'm using Xperia L. I cleared cache & data from Settings > Apps > Play store Why ?
  4. K

    Booting error problem

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows XP Home Edition(SP2). While booting, it comes on the screen as "Invalid Boot INI File. Booting from C:\Windows\ Step by Step correction?
  5. A

    Problem with Python Shell

    Whenever i use the print statement it returns a syntax error.What should I do? Python 3.2 (r32:88445, Feb 20 2011, 21:30:00) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32 Type "copyright", "credits" or "license()" for more information. >>> print 52*4 SyntaxError: invalid syntax >>> print 52...
  6. koolbuddy92

    Unable to open .jar file in Nokia

    I recently upgraded my Nokia 6303 Classic's firmware from 8.XX (don't remember the exact version) to 10.12 using Nokia Software Updater. Since then, I'm not able to open to open a game (PES 2011) which used to work before the upgrade. The error says "Invalid Application". Other games which are...
  7. thetechfreak

    Invalid jpg error

    I have jome .jpg images and whenever I try to open them with Picasa it says Invalid image??pls tell how to fix/....they are jpegs..i just recoverd them after deletion ---------- Post added at 12:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 PM ---------- Even windows picure viewer cannot open
  8. A

    Registry cleaner for bulk deletion

    Is there any s/w which delete the bulk /all keys at single click based upon search criteria. So many s/w are available which remove the invalid registry. I want like if i enter oracle as a parameter, then it remove each and every entry from regedit wherever "oracle" occurs, whether valid or invalid
  9. rohitshubham

    cannot format

    hey recently i cannot format my pen drive it shows this message in cmd "Invalid media or Track 0 bad" please help me
  10. zegulas

    Decrypt Encrypted files in Windows XP

    I had ecrypted some images in Windows XP, then something went wrong with the OS and I had to re-install XP and now the files which were encrypted show "invalid image" when opened. What can I do to recover them?
  11. T

    recycled\ error

    I am having problem to open local disk drive D,E,F other than C.recycled\ is invalid win32. suggest something please
  12. dhanusaud


    Is there anyway or any software that we could clean temporary files & invalid registries in S60 V3 & S60 V2?:confused:
  13. ayushman9

    Which n series ?

    I want to buy a N-series phone in 10 to 12k range . My only requirement is that the camera should be good and it should be able to run all recent java/sis games without hanging. Previously my 7610 did not play many of the game saying authorization error or invalid version.I do not...
  14. mohitgiri

    cant install nero 7 in win vista

    i habe vista premium. i have installed nero 7 essitensial in it. but after few months i unistalled it. but now when i triying to installing nero. it shows u r entred invalid serial key while serial is correct. this cd is bundled with my dvd writer. plz help me friends
  15. gau_pppu

    problem with digg

    Suddenly i saw that all my votes in digg is zero and when iam trying to login to my account it says that your account is invalid ... what dose it mean...........?
  16. A

    adsense acc banned..

    today morning i got an email that my account was banned, may be for some invalid clicks, now i filles up an online appeal form for reistalling the account ... will they reinstall it by removing only the invalid clicks.. ? i personally did not break any of their rule , may be some other...
  17. T

    invalid partiton table

    hi, last night i have installed linux in my will automatically mount the windows drive.but in the boot loader it didnt show the option to boot the windows.then i have try to install the i have delete the linux partitions and install the windows xp in the same...
  18. R

    Cant delete 3 image files even in safe mode

    Cant delete 3 image files even in safe mode(solved) I have a strange problem in My Pictures folder there are 3 jpg/tiff files with long & invalid names & I cant rename them nor move /delete them & I need to get rid of them as I installed some program which on 1st start needs to browse My...
  19. T

    help! urgent - bband suddenly showing invalid user id/pwd

    Hi friends, need urgent help. i have been using my bsnl broadband for some time now. today suddenly when i tried to connect, it said error 691 Access denied. invalid login or password on this domain. when i transferred the connection to another old PC, it connected fine. please help...
  20. DukeNukem

    Invalid Partition Table ????

    Hye there Brothers and Sweet Chicks Can you guys tell me what this message "Invalid Partition Table" Yesterday i deleted a linux Partition and formeted it as a ntfs one to use it for data dump in windows. then i renamed the drive letters C,D,E,F,G,H i mean initially it was like c: 28...
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