1. rhitwick

    I think you should watch this episode of "Last week tonight"

    Hi guys, they make some really informative episodes...this one I think applies to countries other than US too. Please check out. Its on government surveillance. They managed to get an interview with Snowden too. *
  2. GhorMaanas

    'Nirbhaya' case convict interviewed in jail (in 2013)

    Excerpts Source Dec 16 gang-rape convict interview: Delhi Police registers FIR | Zee News - - - Updated - - - timeline of events (not contained in the source-article): 1. permission sought by BBC from Tihar jail authorities & the MHA in June/July 2013 2. nod given by the Tihar jail DG...
  3. RBX

    Final Telephonic Interview

    I applied at a company for a job with development profile (trainee). They had written quantitative aptitude/reasoning test, then technical test. Then I has technical interview with two guys, and later had a little chat with manager who told me about the work the company does, he also told me...
  4. T

    C Interview questions resources

    Urgently need some resources for brushing up C skills to face a telephonic interview tomorrow. Please help :-). Did some googling, * *
  5. ratul

    Is it normal for a company to reject you after you cleared the interview?

    Ok, on 15th may, i gave an interview in a company, it was 3rd round and i had cleared first 2 rounds previously, after that no reply from them, i called them after a week, they said that they are processing, after a month around 15th june, i called them and they said that i have cleared the...
  6. RBX

    Hyundai Fake Interview Call Letter

    I received an e-mail from hr@hyundaimotorsindia dot co dot in with following contents - HYUNDAI MOTORS INDIA LIMITED Head Office: Hyundai Motors I ndia Limited, A 30, Mohan Industrial Estate New Delhi, DL 110044 Email: [ Hr@hyundaimotorsindia dot co dot in ] Tel: +919599943395 (10:00 AM TO...
  7. ayushman9

    IT Job vs Job as SBI PO

    I completed my MBA after be from a reputed govt college & got placed in Infosys as Asscociate consultant .Currently I am getting in hand of about 48k per month . Now in the mean time I had been givinf PSU/PSB exams like IBPS/SBI etc .I have qualified & also managed to crack the interview of IBPS...
  8. C

    How to avoid bond signing after interview?

    frnds tell me how can i avoid signing the bond after the interview what should i say to employer so i get the job without signing a bond?
  9. M

    Afraid of rejection - SAP interview

    Hi all, I had an interview at SAP Labs last Sunday (Feb. 5th). The interviewer gave me his cell phone number and told me that I can call him (after the interview finished) for further questions about SAP. This was me second interview for a QAE - student position. He told me that...
  10. S

    Is it common to wait for months before date of joining?

    I passed out this year, 2011 from a real crappy UPTU college. I got placed in a fairly well known company in Jan. 2011... it was one of like three companies that considered our college for recruitment. I did not attend the few other placement opportunities for our college after getting...
  11. a_to_z123

    A Programming problem faced in an Interview by me

    Hi guys, Recently I gave an interview for a company where I faced an unusual question. The interviewer asked me to make a program which calculates 2^(any 5 digit no.) in any programming language. The thing is that what data type to take as he specifically mentioned not to take...
  12. User Name

    Is it real or a ............

    I gotta this mail this morning is it real :?: I don't think so... what do you think
  13. eggman

    Adobe or SAP Labs?? I have my interview on the same day

    Adobe visited our campus on and turns out i cleared the written test and now i have the chance to sit in the interviews. Meanwhile I also went to SAP labs and cleared the written,technical and first HR round. Now tomm both company s are taking interview. Now here the situation...
  14. J

    How To Get Sample Interview Questions

    U can get Sample Interview Question Papers of all IT and Non-IT companies. ALL THE BEST Regards, Janu
  15. Techn0crat

    Is Empire magazine available in Mubai?

    I am eagerly waiting for Inception. Just read that Empire magazine's latest issue features Chris Nolan's interview. * anybody know where in Mumbai I can get it?
  16. K

    COD6:MW2 Airport level was inspired from Mumbai terror attack

    Hello people, I was surfing around net and suddenly saw the interview of the scriptwriter of Modern warfare 2 . Scriptwriter mentioned about the terrorist attack of Mumbai and how he wanted the people to realise how horrific event could have been. Here is the link to the interview...
  17. NewsBytes

    Infinity Ward throws another punch at PC gamers

      Activision seems to have no love left for PC gamers, as they continue to add insult to injury after the announcement last month about absence of dedicated servers  for Modern Warfare 2.   After reading an interview  posted by Ben Kuchera on Ars Techina, Modern Warfare 2 on PC is looking...
  18. A

    EVGA enters the LCD display market with InterView 1700 dual-17” WXGA+

    EVGA enters the LCD display market InterView 1700 dual-17” WXGA+ Source
  19. M

    SKOAR! Issue XX Out on stands

    It's clobbering time kids. SKOAR! Issue XX hits stands during the first week of July. Here's a lowdown on the contents we packed in for this month. First Look at E3's biggest game previews God of War 3 Halo 3: ODST Bayonetta Modern Warfare 2 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Dark Void Alan...
  20. T

    Post Ur Java Programs

    Hi friends i have started dis forum regarding interview based...... so post ur programs which u think dat s neccessary in d basis of interview..... FACTORIAL import java.math.BigInteger; public class Factorial { public static void main(String[] args) { //--...
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