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EVGA enters the LCD display market with InterView 1700 dual-17” WXGA+

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EVGA enters the LCD display market


InterView 1700 dual-17” WXGA+

Yesterday was the ten-year anniversary of Nvidia’s leading graphics partner EVGA, and otherwise a fitting time for the company to take its first step into the LCD display market. Over the past few years, EVGA has been looking for new ways to innovate its way into new markets revolving around the GPU and related hardware and peripherals. This time, it decided to go the route of introducing a dual-monitor system for the sole use of increasing productivity in the business and professional market areas.


EVGA’s InterView 17-inch dual-monitor system was first unveiled way back at CeBIT 2008, featuring a practical design concept that allows one display to be completely flipped 180 degrees vertically for multiple user interaction on opposite viewing sides. This is rather convenient for interviews (implied), reviewing financial data at a bank, reviewing medical reports with patients and any other situations where two or more people need to view the same information while sitting on opposite sides of a desk.

As far as specs are concerned, the InterView features two 17-inch LCD panels with native resolutions of 1440x900 WXGA+ and a pixel pitch of 0.255mm at 220CD/m brightness. These aren’t necessarily gaming panels, as the response time is 8ms, overall contrast only 500:1 and a viewing angle of a mere 45 degrees horizontally. However, the product does feature a single 1.3-megapixel webcams, a built-in microphone and a total of three USB 2.0 ports. It only features a single DVI connection for monitor input but includes a DVI to VGA adapter in the box.


Based on the specs, the device is mainly targeted for business and professional applications and would really have no practical use in gaming. EVGA scored a market watch review with Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research who did a multi-monitor usage study and found an increase in productivity from fifty-percent or more.


"EVGA now enables in a single system what used to be called a 'partners’ desk, traditionally facilitating teamwork between two executives while facing each other. Now users can flip the EVGA monitor over and both see the same thing. Doctors can use it in a patient-doctor relationship for reviewing X-rays with patients, teachers can use it for one-on-one tutoring, engineers can use it where they want to have a collaborative discussion on a design...and you can use it yourself for having more screen real estate because the more you can see - the more you can do."

The display can be had for $649 directly from EVGA, and the company has put together an overview of its InterView that can be found here.
For me and many others, 1 simple 1080p screen with nice response time and low power consumption is MUCH BETTER than fancy monitorwork any day.


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^yes.i dont know why anyone would be making 17" now.we all want 1080p at affordable prices.hope evga comes up with a 22" around 8.5-9k


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awesome. really helpful for business purpose and for places like PVR and similar places but $649???? you get two 17" monitors for 250$!!


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its just an unnecessary expense for luxury... too bad, they actually did not come up with usable monitors....as this being their first release, they should have thought to stabilize first and then move to luxury.
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