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  1. mohityadavx

    Advice which college 2 go

    Hi! I want an advice on which college 2 go for dong my B Tech earlier I had my plans 4 germany but then everybody said go abroad 4 master.Now I will do my BTech in Computer Science or Information Technology only. Here are some colleges between I am confused where I am getting admission ( I...
  2. KDroid

    IIIT - Hyderebad (CSE) vs IIT Kanpur (CS)

    Keeping all the factors in mind, According to you, Which is better? International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad (Computer Science & Engineering) or Indian Institute of Technology (Computer Science) IIIT-H's CSE is considered be better than any of the CS courses available at...
  3. furious_gamer

    Best Animation Institute in India

    Hi guys My younger brother sho just finished his B.E wants to have a career in animation. He is very good at drawing and even good with software's related to drawing(like Photoshop, 3DS Max basic level). Now what he is interested in is, Character Animation and Environment modelling for...
  4. C

    Java institutes in bangalore

    Hi, My name is Chitrapal.I completed my B.Tech. in 2010 but I haven't got job yet. So now I am looking for some training in Java. I went to NIIT to know about diploma in java course. For this course they charge 29000/-Rs. In that they are covering Core Java, EJB and Oracle 9i(which...
  5. lordirecto

    How to find a Networking Job?

    I am a fresher who completed my B.Tech IT at Coimbatore Institute of Technology in the year 2010. Currently I am doing a networking course at a reputed institute. I am looking for network related jobs now that I am almost going to complete that course. I have registered myself in job seeking...
  6. INS-ANI

    Looking for good TCL scripting training institute

    Looking for good TCL scripting training institute I am looking for good TCL scripting training institute in India for taking a short term course(max 10 days). Presently i am doing PG in VLSI design(Semiconductor) and am located in Pune and would be willing to take the course anywhere in India...
  7. N

    Show me the path to move to Oracle Apps as a functional consultant

    Hi there, I'm a BE grad. and done MBA too. Currently working with a retail company in inventory since 2.2 yrs. I have always wished to move into IT industry and find my current job boring, only thing is getting some money. As I've a bit of business knowledge I decided to move into ERP...
  8. n.tech7

    PC Specs for FOSS Computer Institute

    Please suggest good PC specs for my computer Institute (Opening shortly). The institute will run totally on FOSS & Open Source. Hence the PC should support following Operating Systems fully: 1. RHEL5 & RHEL6. 2. Fedora11 & Fedora13. 3. Puppy Linux (Latest). 4. Open Solaris (Latest)...
  9. ajooba215

    anyone from New Delhi???....pls help

    hi everyone....i need ur help..especially people from New Delhi area....i need to find out about any institution. I am thinking of doing my bachelors from there through distance scheme but wanto assure about it and its reputation. The name of the institute is Education Institute for Management...
  10. H

    animation institute

    Good animation institute in nashik/mumbai ?
  11. baby girl

    information abt the networking exam

    hello to all i have taken training regarding hardware and networking (a+,mcse,ccna) it is necessary to give exam in order to get good job as i think my training was not up to the mark and the institute from i taken the training is now closed as it was a fraud institute so wat to do as i...
  12. A

    how is Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions - New Delhi

    hey guy i wana do some short and basic level ethical hacking course from delhi ...on surfing the net i came across this institution who is charging 10 k for 50 hr training...what do you think about it http://www.innobuzz.in/ or else plz suggest me similar kind of institute who are providing the...
  13. sxyadii

    Need Institute for Ethical Hacking Course !!!

    Hello frnds,can you tell me which is best institute for learning Ethical Hacking Course????plz
  14. H

    CAT Material

    Can anyone pls let me know the price of CAT 2009 MAterial avail for sale from the markets. ? Any institute TIME / IMS / Career Launcher material information would be appreciated. How much can I expect above institute material for second hand in good condition. TIA,
  15. H

    GATE institute

    Which coaching institute provides the best simulation experience with All india mock tests and ranking for GATE Exams? it would be preferable if online tests are also provided for which ranking and analysis can be provided online. Pls suggest the institue which has the maximum number of...
  16. vinyasmusic

    Best institute to learn linux networking course

    Hi guys........ Im really stuck here .... I want 2 do a linux netwoking course during my holidays ... Im confused over which institute to choose 1. Rooman Tech 2. ICA shine 3. IIJT 4. HCL cdc Plz help ....:?:???::cry:
  17. vinyasmusic

    Best institute to learn linux networking course

    Hi guys........ Im really stuck here .... I want 2 do a linux netwoking course during my holidays ... Im confused over which institute to choose 1. Rooman Tech 2. ICA shine 3. IIJT 4. HCL cdc Plz help ....:|
  18. a_medico

    (Query) Lucknow Railway Station

    I want to book a ticket for Lucknow from irctc. But it shows 4-5 Lucknow stations. Which one should I opt for if I have to go to SGPGI medical institute? Thanks
  19. K

    Aniframes-Blore--sugessions plss

    hello frenz i hav chose aniframes-blore for doin VFX course n i donno hw tat institute is...so plss giv sugession abt tat training institute....n i m a noob in vfx n i ringed thm.....thy sed it ll take 8months (6months maya + 2 months VFX) wit a fee of 50k.....is maya realli needed to be studied...
  20. K

    suggest a VFX training institute in bangalore

    hello frenz.....i ve completed engineering in EEE n i m interested in VFX.....suggest a VFX institute in BANGALORE tat can provide certificate course/career course in VFX......if u cn please provide course details.....thnx in advance.:-o
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