suggest a VFX training institute in bangalore

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hello frenz.....i ve completed engineering in EEE n i m interested in VFX.....suggest a VFX institute in BANGALORE tat can provide certificate course/career course in VFX......if u cn please provide course details.....thnx in advance.:-o


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ittina is good.....
lets make things clear first....
1.there is absolutely "NO" value for certificate in vfx industry.
2.look above
3.look at post 1.

"seriously, i see a lot joining in institutes for certificates...and after the completion , they realize there is no value for it ...ANYWHERE."

there is a better way of learning....go to web and learn...i guess its better than learning in institutes..

if u r looking to get in paprikaas for vfx..then only need

2. no roto , no special effects req.
though i have heard that they do take in roto artist, their main in "layering".

please , try to learn things from web...i have heard "fxphd" provides good video tutorials.
try out in , its good , also ""

****if some one in digit has tutees from "fxphd" please PM**** (fusion, After effects).


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it will be good if u can try and learn fusion (eyeon) along with after effects for vfx...that way , u increase the chance of getting a job in other company's.
but for others, u will require a roto skill and good key pulling skill along with talking about the movie industry..Cg industry here don't require roto.
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