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  1. Official Techie

    Gate exams

    i want to start preparing for gate exams can u guys tell about books concerning it and which is the best coaching institute for it
  2. desertwind

    FOSS Meet @ NITC 2007

    Another chance for a get together for FOSS Community at National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala. National Institute of Technology, Calicut will be hosting a three-day conference, pertaining to Free and Open Source Software, namely FOSS Meet @ NITC 2007, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March...
  3. Anindya

    Want TO Learn Web Technologies.

    Hey friends i am planning to learn web technologies. Can anyone tell me what various things are taught? Also tell me how long it takes to finish the course. And which institute is prefarable. Plz mention a institute which has national presence as the place of living may not match.
  4. K

    Square Hole Drill Machine : patent right

    Get full artical at :- http://chackdephattey.com/Miscellaneous/patent.HTM 1) Delivering Innovations : Lovely Institutes students get patent right for a technical feet 2) Square Hole Drill Machine : patent right for Lovely Institute students 3) Transition from round to...
  5. I

    Java training Institute in Bangalore or Chennai

    Can somebody suggest a very good java training institute in Bangalore or Chennai. I am looking for a 2 or 3 month course that teaches the basics and advanced java. This is for my nephew who just graduated in BE ECE. Thanks..
  6. A

    SAP Training institutes in MUMBAI!!!

    Dear Friends, I wish to pursue a carrier in SAP. Can anyone tell me where are these coaching institute available in Mumbai, also whether they have good placement records
  7. linardni

    How to lock drive?

    I want to lock a drive of my computers so that they cannot be accessed by the students of my computer Institute. Is there any freeware for it?
  8. G

    Mumbai to get it's Own Game Institute.

    A company called GameGetz is soon starting a Computer Gaming Institute, which will cover the Entire Game Development Cycle. The Course includes 2D Game Programming (J2ME) 3D Game Programming(DirectX, OpenGL),etc. you can contact them at gamegetz@rediffmail.com
  9. M


    Hey guys i do not know whether i am permitted to ask this question in this forum.I am in sybsc with zoology and chemistry as my subjects.I am not even distantly related with computer field.But on my birthday this month my parents gifted me a pc.From that day onwards i am getting a feeling to do...
  10. V

    Web Developer Certificate

    I need a certificate for Web developer for getting a job. Is there any online institute which can give me the same by taking a test. Or is there any indian institute that can give some certification by giving online test.
  11. djmykey

    Restoring boot options

    I have joined MCSE 2003 in an institute and since XP was the first os that we were supposed to learn we had to learn how to install and all that stuff (duh). So whatever why I started this thread is that all the pc's in our institute have 2003 server on them (various versions). So when my sir...
  12. F

    Which computing institute is better?

    Hi frens! I wanted to join a comprehensive multimedia course. I am interested in learning how to create professional websites and create animations using macromedia flash. Since im in delhi, could any of u Delhities temme which institute is the best for this?
  13. A

    degree in game development

    hi everybody, could anyone help me out on this one. i wan't to get hold of a degree in game development. can be any institute in Europe. but if there are better any where else, please do tell.
  14. P

    Anyone knows website of this institute?

    I used Google Search but couldn't find the website of National Institute of Financial Management,Faridabad. Plz. tell me if u find it!!
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