1. P

    Unable to boot from Ubuntu Bootbale USB; Kali login stuck in.

    I own an ASUS GL552VW. I wanted to learn how to work in hadoop which requires Linux to be installed on. I used rufus to create a Ubuntu 16.10 64 bit bootable pendrive. However when I boot from the disk and select install Ubuntu or try ubuntu, it gets stuck at the loading screen. I then tried...
  2. akhilc47

    Suggestion for 1TB HDD for games

    Hi, I've a 240GB kingston SSD, but installing games on it has not been a good idea so far. Most of the recent games take 50GB+ and I've to uninstall games after completion to install new ones. So wanna a buy an HDD and install my games on it. 1. Is there much difference with installing games...
  3. K

    Windows 10 installation: windows could not apply unattended settings during pass [Offline Servicing]

    Hi folks, I bought ASUS R558UR. Facing the Win10 64 bit Installation issue: "Windows 10: windows could not apply unattended settings during pass [Offline Servicing]" This occurs during the Installing updates phase while installing windows 10. Please help me.
  4. deadnoun

    Help needed To buy a laptop

    Before suggestion, I will tell all my requirements I need 4GB ram and 500GB internal for SAP because they suggested me this requirements. If there any other requirement please do mention and help me buying a Laptop around 20K. I thought Of installing it in External HDD but RAM matter -_-...
  5. D

    Windows 8.1 Installation "Memory Management" issue, urgent help needed

    I just assembled Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 with intel g2030 with Zotac GT 610 and 4 GB of RAM( iball cabinet with default PSU). I tried installing Windows 8.1 from pendrive (uefi/ scure boot off). I tried installing in both IDE and SATA (with SATA drivers) mode, and everytime the installation failed...
  6. cutemug

    Need help, unable to run setup files of torrent,snagit, etc most softwares

    After downloading the setup files for let's say torrent/youtube downloader/SnagIT, etc When I double click on the setup file, for installing, nothing happens, The busy signal appears for 1-2 secs, and then nothing is getting installed. Happened for most of the softwares I tried installing...
  7. F

    WorxMail not installing

    BYOD Apple iPhone 4S ios 6.1.3 I have enrolled in worx home and installed profiles, but when I am installing WorxMail,WorxWeb, WorxEdit I am getting the error Unable to Download Application "WorxMail" could not be dowloaded at this time. Done Retry When I...
  8. rohitshakti2

    Could not install Win 7 mobo & graphic card drivers.

    Hi friends I recently formatted my C drive and reinstalled Win7 on my PC. After installing I tried installing the drivers of my mobo but only some of them could be installed, the sound and onboard graphics & my 8400GT drivers could not be installed. Every-time i install it, it installs it and...
  9. V

    Installing apps on old Samsung phone runs into space constraint

    I bought Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 in Jan2013 Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 - Full phone specifications Now new apps are not getting installed and space insufficient error pops up even though the default location for new apps is the sd card which has plenty of space. (Few months back i had set the...
  10. H

    Far Cry 3 ERROR 0xc000007b

    i cannot play far cry 3 because of ERROR 0xc000007b. i cannot even open it:twisted::-x please help needed i tried uninstalling all c++'s and then installing them again but noting worked i installed 2005,2008,2010,2012 and 2013
  11. K

    Help needed..... installing OPEN-WRT in Western DIgital ROuter mynet n750....

    Hello guys, I got WD mynet n750 Dual band Router ... But i got stuck while installing Open WRT to it...( It doesn't support DD-wrt but it does support open wrt) Sorry Im "Technically" illiterate ....:mrgreen: so I really need to know the process step by step and like a child ..... I...
  12. nac

    Installing windows 7 32bit virtally on Ubuntu 14

    I was asked to do a clean installation of OS as I was facing few problems. I couldn't find time to do it so far. I think I can do it by the coming weekend. So, I am thinking of installing Linux (Ubuntu). I have few queries to clarify before that... I have few software which have made to work in...
  13. adityak469

    RAM problem

    I had bought a RAM from Flipkart a year ago. I didn't use it as my processor is only able to use 3GB and i had a 2GB stick already installed. So now, i installed it just to check it and to my surprise, after installing it, BSoD was being displayed sometimes. Any help? My rig- Pentium D...
  14. titaniumshield

    HD 6870 not working after installing driver.

    Greetings reader So im using a Radeon HD 6870 in my MSI 890gxm-g65. Installed the hardware and when I run it on on-board graphics, windows is able to detect it as ATI Radeon HD 6800 Series. But after installing the driver for the 6870 it asks for a restart. The BIOS screen is visible but...
  15. madzeus

    torrent bandwidth problem

    HELP needed...!! Please take a look into the picture.The download of the process is at the speed much less than what system consumes. Have tried installing a couple of bandwidth monitors, even used resource monitor for windows 7. Can someone help
  16. G

    error code 0xc0000005 while installing windows 7

    The ram or the HDD is not damaged as it was working till i started installing windows 7. Windows 7 was perfectly working in my laptop , I wanted to install ultimate 64 bit edition and formatted the disks and started installing windows 7 when i got this message. What should i do to resolve it...
  17. NiGHtfUrY

    Windows 7-the memory could not be written ERROR HELP

    My rig is in my siggy. Heres a screen shot of the error I was just browsing on facebook when this happened. Only recent changes i made are installing avast and unisalling avg. This is the first error of this sort that i have received on this pc or rather any sort,error free since...
  18. srkmish

    Should i go with 42 inch TV or more

    Hi Guys, Are you satisfied with your 42 inchers or you wish you had purchased a bigger TV? I mainly plan to watch 1080p prints and game occasionally. But Movies/TV is first priority. I dont think i will be installing a set top box even. Also, any pointers to affordable 50 inch plasmas (...
  19. N


    I have Sony Xperia j.can I install linux os on my phone.please give details! what are pros and cons of installing Linux on pc(old) if I have Windows os on it
  20. digit06

    Stuck on the Andriod logo Sfter installing CM 10.1 :cry:

    Guyzzz recently my friend told me that a custom rom can sppeed up ur tablet ... so I tried installing one... I being researching for a week on rooting ..installing cloak work mode .. flashing all these thingsss .. finally I tried to get it installed and the custom rom I used was the Cm10.1
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