1. Jaskanwar Singh

    laptop recovery issues

    i got a hp pavilion g6 2005 ax. it came with windows 7, i upgraded to win 8, then 8.1. i had created windows 7 recovery disks, and windows 8 usb. now recently i dropped it and its showing this error - i insert windows 8 usb and get this error - i use windows 7 recovery then this error -...
  2. ©mß

    Suggest new datacard.

    As mblaze has stopped its service in Haryana, I want a new data card. So,suggest me which has high speed like mblaze(I really loved it) and also tell if it requires to insert SIM(like Vodafone) to use it or just simply plug and play. Need fast speed mainly.
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Any software problem in LAVA E-Tab Z7H Tablet

    If you are facing any software problem with your tablet or the tablet is not booting don't worry. You don't have to go to the LAVA Service Center. I am here to help you. Follow the following steps to format your tablet. It will remove everything from your tablet and make it as a new tablet like...
  4. D

    Problem with Adobe After effects offline installation |!|

    Installation goes well till it reaches 17% n den all f a sudden it gets stuck with "Insert Disk After Effects Diskette " ! What to do ??:|
  5. H

    My computer not recognising my cd dvd drive

    please help me whenever i insert my dvd into my computer it takes time to read out then when i click dvd drive icon it says insert disc. please help me i have tried all the dvds in my house.
  6. H

    disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter

    whenever i turn on my system at booting screen it stops at point saying disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter please help me i am a school student i had to projects on it in my system win xp and windows 7 already intalled
  7. C

    problem in hdd....urgent help needed!!!

    Hello Friends, I am facing some problem with my internal hdd......from last 3 days my system was continue hanging in short durations for few seconds in both os (win 7 and win xp). Today i insert win 7 disk & delete both windows partition & create a new one & try to install win 7 but it was not...
  8. Alok

    DVD drive problem

    :-x hi ! I have a sony dvd writer. It was working very fine yesterday , i bought a tekken tag tournament ps2 dvd then insert it in drive worked fine and i enjoyed game using PCSX-2 0.9.8 for about one hour , then shut down my pc . Again started and insert same disk .Suddenly my pc...
  9. D

    RAM problem

    Yesterday iadded a ddr2 2gb ram to my existing config of Pentium 4 3.2 ghz processor 2gb ddr 2 ram Nvidia 9500 GT Graphic den after i insert it in da ram slot and open da comp da comp starts giving beeping sounds and when i remove it it works fine Any help on how can i use it???
  10. Charley

    Insert Disk in Drive I [Samsung Android Phone]

    I cannot access the Samsung Phone using the USB, it says "Insert Disk in Drive I" in Windows Explorer. But Nokia 5800 works when I connect to the usb. Why
  11. nisargshah95

    Service which can insert images into specific videos

    Hello, I am looking for some online services through which I can insert any person's face in a video and then download it. For eg., the videos which came with Digit's 2010 Anniversary edition in which the Digit staff was shown dancing around. I don't want to learn Flash only for this...

    "Help needed" visual web developer 2008( c#)

    i hav been working on for past few days. i created a table named "sum" having coloumns(registerno,name)under database "trial". in my aspx web page,i have provided 2 text boxes(Textbox1 for registerno & textbox2 for name)and a button. what im looking for is a way to insert the...
  13. rakz

    How to insert a code box in MS Word

    How to insert a code box in MS Word ? like the one present here Like This I had seen a document with this type of box...pls help
  14. tousif

    ps2 doesnt accept the dvd

    hiee i got a ps2 that i have shipped from USA. but am getting a problem. when i insert a ps2 original or pirated DVD it say that "please insert a ps2 format disc" this problem is from beginning. i got just 20 days ago. i am so helpless.. so plzzz can anyone help regarding the problem...
  15. sukesh1090

    installing a windows os and linux os together in a single system

    guys can i use both windows and ubuntu in a single system?if yes how can i install ubuntu as i am already having windows 7.if i directly insert the ubuntu cd and start installation do my windows os will get deleted?thank you.
  16. savithk

    usb NOT recognized

    i have a small USB hub its a plug n play USB 2.0 .....its work perfectly before 10 days..its a new ...but after few days back i dont what happen its not working....when i insert that USB ...usb NOT recognized...massage is coming please tell me how to solve this problem
  17. J

    "please insert disk into drive " problem

    i have i 2gb transcend pendrive. it was working well. but now it shows please insert disk into drive, pc detects the usb. but when i try to format it ,it show there is no disk in drive. please help me out. is my pendrive gone? :-(
  18. J

    Need help..........

    i have a transcend 2 gb pendrive, it was working well. but for the last week , when i insert it to port it get detected , but when i try to open it , it shows a error msg, please insert disk into drive. when i try to format it , it shows there is no disk in drive. please help me . what should i...
  19. A

    Problem in pen drive

    I have Kingston DataTraveler 2GB pen drive. When I insert it in USB Port. Then it installs driver for pen drive. After installing driver, when I open My Computer, then it shows pen drive as Removable Disk (with drive letter). When I try to open it, it shows "Please insert the disk".:-( I tried...
  20. Cool G5

    DVD Writer - Not Ejecting

    I have a Lite-On LH20A1P DVD writer. Off-late it fails to eject out when the button is pressed. I have to turn off the PC & then insert a pin in the pinhole to eject it. Can the drive be repaired or does it needs to be replaced?
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