1. T

    Buying pc cabinet from itdepot via dtdc

    Hey guyz i live in jharkhand. And planning to buy Thermaltake n23 cabinet from itdepot via dtdc as its in my budget. I want to ask how trustworthy is itdepot in case on arrival my package is found damaged. Will they coperate to resolve my issue if i lodge my grievance immediately with them...
  2. K

    Need help in choosing ups

    My current ups(numeric600va) ups is not giving back up.while gaming if the power cuts it shuts down immediately,I need a ups for my rig,i need atleast 10min back up,my max budget is 5k. Thank you
  3. Subhankar Mondal

    from Windows 8 to 7

    When we buy a laptop, the default os is often windows 8. Can I change to W-7 immediately? will I be provided with a original windows 7 CD?
  4. anagh.k1

    Shortcut Virus in Computer

    My friend has a pendrive which everytime it is inserted in his laptop shows the shortcuts instead of the actual file. I have tried autorun exterminator , malwarebytes anti-malware full scan which shows nothing & the command "attrib -s -r -h /s /d *.*" which works for a few seconds & shows the...
  5. veera_champ

    [Want to Buy] Used AM3+ MOTHER BOARD

    Want to buy a used AM3+ motherboard immediately
  6. avichandana20000

    Intruder alert

    My pc is in shutdown status. and i am not in my home(SAY OFFICE). Now if someone starts up my pc and breaks the password somehow and logs in, i want to be alerted immediately by a SMS in my mobile that intrusion happens. Any idea how to do that?
  7. kasshav

    Help to buy a UPS immediately

    Hey guys.. I need to purchase a UPS immediately( within this coming week). Please suggest how much VA to look for best results. Currently I have a numeric digital EX-C 600VA ups which is now on its way to retirement as it is about 3 years old and is not giving me any backup. Planning to use it...
  8. S

    ~7 Dangerous acts after a meal~

    Hi all, I want to share some good info with you.... help it will make you good health. though it is simple and common sense, But many times we do the following things (unknowningly) or get into habit of below Acts ~7 Dangerous acts after a meal~ 1. Don’t smoke — Experiments from...
  9. avichandana20000

    How do u come to know about digit first time?

    Remember how u come to know about digit magazine or digit forum for the first time? Guys pls dig up ur memories and share that. Well my story goes like this: Back in 2001, i was waiting for train in Sealdah Station. There in a stall i suddenly saw a magazine called DIGIT with 5 cds...
  10. sriharsha_madineni

    Tapatalk plugin enabled for tdf!!!! :D

    Since there was no response for enabling tapatalk plugin for tdf, I resorted to using the forum from mobile browser for long, today when I got a pop up saying tapatalk is enabled for this site & I was like what!!!!!!! I immediately checked Tapatalk app & yes indeed, tdf is tapatalk enabled...
  11. K

    Availability of LG vortex in India???

    Hi guys, I'm plannin on buyin a new phone after my nokia 5800 broke down. Anyway, I'm considering about buying an LG Vortex that runs on Android 2.2 (froyo), has Wi-fi, etc etc. and well, I found out about it in and it showed a price tag of Rs. 5,000. And, I immediately...
  12. Cool Buddy

    Online prepaid recharge

    There are many websites where we can recharge our cellphones online like,,,, etc. I haven't tried any of them as I have not heard anyone using them. Has anyone here used any of these...
  13. damngoodman999

    DAMNGOODMAN fell in love !!

    It is strange that i fell in love but this is my first day (means i saw the girl for first time "LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT"), i was depressed that am doing this , i was working as trainer in a computer center i was teaching java to another girl by the time a girl came sit in my front and started...
  14. binilmb

    Driver for Compex RE100ATX Ethernet Card

    Please help.....My new Ethernet Card doesn't detect any drivers Recently my onboard NIC become faulty. So I purchased a new NIC (Compex RE100ATX) and connected it to my PCI port. But I can't installed it to my system. None of the drivers in the including CD are detected. It shows only "Unknown...
  15. Nithu

    Extra 30 minutes in DataOne??

    Hello friends... Hey Im using BSNL 500+ combo plan. If i disconnect my connection at 7:55 am and reconnect immediately do i get extra 30 minutes??
  16. Mohnishgs

    vista suffering from insomnia???

    whenever i try to put vista into sleep mode, it goes into sleep and as soon as the hdd light goes off the pc comes out of sleep immediately, what do i do???
  17. S

    Problems with MOZILLA

    I m having problems opening orkut with mozilla firefox 3...other sites are behaving normally...with orkut the problem comes when it tries to connect to after that mozilla shows error report and closes. plz help.
  18. ComputerUser

    NFS Carbon crashes

    Carbon crashes immediately with a black screen. Help!!
  19. P

    WHat KInd of VIrus is THis?

    I use Windows XP SP2. It somehow got infected with a virus I've never encountered before. Not really destructive but very very annoying. Everytime I try to open websites like "orkut" and "youtube", internet explorer would close immediately and a pop message that says "Orkut/youtube is banned...
  20. A

    Plz help - Computer needs power!!

    My comp won't start for the last few days. When I switch on my UPS, everything is fine; the lights on the keyboard blink once, and like that. But the moment I press the power button on my cabinet to start my machine, the power comes and Immediately goes off!! The LEDs (there are two - Green for...
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