1. Chetan1991

    [Query] Should I send Cowon EM1s for replacement or fix'em myself?

    My Cowon EM1s failed after a measly 5 months, pieces of cr@p, even though I took good care of them. It seems the wire has detached from the 3.5mm connector. I sent the Cowon people a mail to claim warranty and replied asking me to ship the earphones to them to Mumbai to check them. My...
  2. seamon

    Audio Meet

    I went to an Audio Meet to listen to some headphones and IEMs, great stuff
  3. B

    IEMs under 3K (for Electronic Music)

    I'm looking for iems with decent bass(not OP), non-recessed mids and treble that isn't harsh. I listen to techno,ambient,dreampop so mids are equally important as the thump. Currently considering Vsonic VSD3/S and Soundmagic E10C. Can you suggest the best one for my taste?
  4. H

    Sony MDR-XB50 Alternatives (Also a repair ques.)

    Hello, I own these amazing IEMs but they stopped working recently. So my first question is can these IEMs be repaired? The left monitor's output has became extremely low, almost silent and also there is no structural damage on surface. I lent these to my friend, so I don't know exactly what...
  5. anirbandd

    Signature Acoustics Elements Be-09 Review

    The Elements Be-09 [pronounced ‘benign’] is the second instalment in the Signature Acoustics Elements series. The critically acclaimed C-12 was the first IEM for the Elements series as well as Signature Acoustics. With the Elements Be-09, Signature Acoustics has ventured into IEMs with mics...
  6. R

    Sound Magic E50 and E80?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can buy the Sound Magic E50 and E80 IEMs? Thank You in advance!
  7. U

    Ear Buds with Mic in a budget of upto 1K

    I am looking for earbuds with Mic. Clarity and treble are priorities. Mainly for using it with my LG G2 mobile. I listen to classical and Film songs and only use 256 Kbps audio files. Bass is not that important but fine if present. Currently using Philips SHE2675BW. They are very comfortable...
  8. anirbandd


    Early in January 2015, I was contacted by the TDF representative of SignatureAcoustics. I was told that they had another product, the O-16 that they were putting up for independent and unbiased first impressions/reviews. Since reviewing (and subsequently buying) the C-12 IEMs, I was always...
  9. z3rO

    IEM for around INR 2000.

    I'm looking forward to get a decent sounding IEM in a budget of 2k. Can extend upto 2.2-2.3k I'll be primarily using it with my cell phone or laptop. Primary usage : Listening to music. Alternative rock, metal, pop, etc. I like bass in IEM but not to the extent where is gets muddy. In the...
  10. mikael_schiffer

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range What i want-- 1) A decent build quality, since i cant expect "good" with my pathetic state of 3rd world existence. My 2 month old Skullcandy Rhasta's left side volume has almost died and Soundmagic ES18 left side broke off in less than a month's time. They...
  11. Hrishi

    Need Earphones (IEMs)

    Need Earphones/Headphones , Budget 3.5k (IEMs) Hi fellow DIGITians , My previous preferred IEM ( Dunnu hephaes DN-16 ) suddenly stopped working properly, (one of the earpiece doesn't work) .But it was a damn good earphone with superior bass and built like a tank . Thanks to Faun for...
  12. T

    IEM's or Headphones

    Hi, I need new headphones/IEM's. I was leaning a bit towards Headphones because they are more comfortable, but what about some good IEM's? How is the sound quality(specially Bass) of IEM's compared to Headphones for Rs.2000 and more? Could you recommend some Headphones and IEM's ? I...
  13. ZTR

    Best IEM in 500-600Rs

    So my Panasonic HJE120E gave up after almost 3 years of use when the left one stopped working :cry: So now I am looking for IEMs which have good sound quality and not too heavy bass but good bass in 500-600Rs
  14. P

    Need IEMs - Budget 1.5K

    Hello, I am looking to buy IEMs since my Sony MDR-EX10 died after 15 months of use. I listen to rock and metal. I am looking for good detail and sound clarity. (No overwhelming Bass). Please suggest a suitable set of IEMs for around 1.5K. Thanks!
  15. D

    Need help deciding headphones!

    Hi.. I have been using IEMs from very long time..but wanted to try headphones as i think they are comfortable. IEMs works great when they fit perfectly in the ears..but don't know why all my IEMs seems to slip from my ear..So decided to try headphones. I have shortlisted few. 1) Sony XB400 2)...
  16. L

    Buying advice for a PMP (3.5k) and IEMs (1k).

    Hi guys. I'm looking for an audio player (MP3 player) in a budget of 3.5k to 4k along with a pair of IEMs for 1k. My requirements are as follows. Audio output quality of the PMP should be good and it should have a microphone and a screen. For the IEMs, they should have good bass and...
  17. S

    IEMs for 1k

    I need two IEMs each for 1k. One is for my sis an she has already spoiled the two iems she had ( A JVC Marshmallow and another soundmagic ). So i guess she would need something sturdy and with good warrenty. will be using it for music from HTC one V and movies from her sony netbook.She really...
  18. E

    [0-2K ] Need a bassy iem

    hey guys need an iem under 2k. SQ preference:earth shattering bass..basically i am a need an iem according to that. these iems must be bassier than the note 2's more request kindly post the online store link of the iems better if COD.
  19. S

    Looking to buy 2 IEMs, one for the iPhone 5, another for iPod Touch

    Hello, I am looking to buy 2 separate IEMs, detailed as below. Both to be used without any amp. I have used Creative EP-630 and Sony MDR EX 57 in the past. I'm currently using the AKG K450 as headphones. 1) For the iPhone 5 Budget: 1500. Audio: Music of almost all genre. Others: Inline mic...
  20. anirbandd

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM review

    Introduction Its high time India took its stand in the international stage for producing audiophile grade sound products, and Navi Mumbai based Pristine Note [ProAudioHome] is leading the Indian bandwagon with its flagship Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM. The C-12s have been...
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